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House Numbers, Door Knockers, Garden Lamp Posts

House Number Signs
What does yours say about you?

With nearly thirty years in the metalworking and signage industry, here at Black Country Metal Works Ltd, we now feel confident enough to say, our fantastic and hugely extensivehouse nameandhouse number signscover not only every type of metal, but they also cover many different time eras, with reproductions of some of the rarest and most beautifulhouse signsto be found today.

We have created a wealth of new designs, each one lovingly finished to the high standard, our loyal customers have come to expect.

Our designs encompass many different time periods, from very traditional Georgian and Victorian house number signs and name signs, right through to ultra-modern, funky and hobbyist. We now incorporate everything from flowers, animals and pets, to popular interests, such as Football, Fishing, Sports, Shooting and even the hilarious Laurel and Hardy designs. If you want to promote or advertise your occupation, or favourite pastime, we have motor bikes, vintage vehicles, canal barges and fabulous trains and if you are a farmer, you will love our Big Red Tractor.

For those who love the minimal look, and pride themselves on being truly state of the art, try our "Wall Floating”, “Big n Bold" numerals in chic satin or brushed chrome.

You are truly spoilt for choice!

For those amongst us wishing to name their home with a more spiritual connection, we have a Mystical Range, which includes fairy’s, monks, wizards and their friends, guaranteed to bring a smile of delight to all who pass by. Our house number and house name signs offer a unique opportunity to completely personalise the entrance to your home, setting the tone immediately and giving an insight into those very individual people living inside.

Fireplace and Fireside Accessories
This year our winter warmer range is even bigger and better than ever with the introduction of lots of new accessories and a twist on some of the most loved and traditional designs that we just don’t want to do without.

Firstly ourcoal bucketscoal hods, coal andLog basketsand cast iron hearth trolleys range, has now been extended to include the fantastic and modern nickel finish, with lots more stylish combinations of other finishes that are simply awe inspiring. We’ve done lots of experimenting on our complete firecompanion tool setsensuring the highest quality hearth brushes and strong durable hand shovels, we believe our current selections are undoubtedly the best available, anywhere.

Our companion sets have been extensively developed and now include the ’York’ and ’Burden’ designs, offering something for both the decorative and fanciful and those looking for a purposeful and sturdy fireside accessory.

BCMW, helping keep Britain warm during winter!

Garden Victorian Lamp Posts
Since the company was founded in 1986, we’ve always held our traditionalGarden Lamp Postsclose to our heart. It’s true to say for the past 30 years our Garden lighting range hadn’t changed a great deal… until now, that is!

With a sudden and stunning resurgence in the interest and passion for this historic and wonderfully sentimental piece of art in iron, to our delight we have been able to redesign and remake a wealth of the classic and enchantingLamp Postsand street lighting that used to be prominent around the famous squares, piazzas, and buildings of the world.

Our unrivalled Lamp Post and period lighting collections are the very best available, with an emphasis on recreating the wonderful ambience and style that you only get from these gentle lighting giants. Our range goes from simple classic styles, to total ornate extravagance, with multiple headedVictorian Lamp Poststhat are utterly awe inspiring.

We have also added wonderful accessories to match and compliment your Lamppost, such as wall lighting, and patio lighting. Fabulous bracketry will enable you to totally customise your garden or grounds. We like to think the reason behind our garden lighting and Lamp Post success has always been our insistent use of original high quality materials, traditional production techniques and a passionate dedication to producing a very beautiful and desirable product, that is totally serviceable, with a long life expectancy.

We are proud to present to you our truly beautiful weathervane range. These include a selection of cast iron weathervanes, available in black or our olde rustic finish, together with a rare collection of 3 dimensional pure, copper and brassweathervanes.

We have been delighted with our designs, and their popularity, but are constantly looking for new and innovative designs to tempt.

Please see our rooster weathervane and bi-plane weathervane which are especially stunning.

For the weathervane enthusiast looking for something truly special our copper weathervanesare available in shiny highly polished or verdigris finishes for that traditional or aged look.

A very fine collection, that we think you will love.

Door Knockers
Our delightful range ofdoor knockershas been adored by many since its launch date in 1984. The range has developed considerably over the years with introduction of ourcast Iron door knockersin 1996 and the most recent introduction of ourbright chrome door knockersin 2003. Many products in our range are recreated from originalbrass door knockersthat are only to be found on original and historic buildings. Some of the early classics hold a place in the nations hearts, and will always be part of our lives, these must include our collection oflion door knockerspine cone door knocker and our original brass running fox knocker.

With popularity rapidly growing for our contemporary chrome door knockers, only time will tell which direction we shall move in. What is certain is that Black Country Metal Works will always be at the forefront of design and quality, supplying a range of the very best that has yet to be equalled anywhere.

Renovation Hardware, Restoration Hardware, and Refurbishment Hardware
If your passion is renovation and restoration, then you have come to the home of the best and biggest choice available.

Ourhardwaresection is huge! Our ranges cover every possible style and era, peppered with some rare and exciting reproductions that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

We are very passionate about our finishes and will endeavour to recreate exactly what you are looking for, whilst offering advice on fitting and care.

We have been renovating and reproducing beautiful and unusual items in metal, since our early days and have now amassed some real gems that are ready and waiting to find a new home.

In essence, whatever you are seeking, if it can be created from metal, you have come to the Mecca of all metalwork.

There is now little that we have not designed and made, using one of the world’s most wonderful and versatile resources.
We have carefully and painstakingly sourced metals from the finest origins and distant countries, in order to provide a collection of metal products that are unrivalled in style and quality.

For advice on anything you may be looking for and cannot find please call our friendly sales team, on 01691 610952, we will be delighted to help.

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