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Kitchen Pot and Pan Racks

Kitchen Pot and Pan Racks.

Where would we be without our essential kitchen utensil racks?
Extremely cluttered would probably be the retort, and how would we begin to find what we need, as and when we need it?

Well, help is at hand, with our wonderfully assorted collection of pot and pan racks.

We have a wide variety of free standing and celing mounted kitchen utensil racks, which can be used to free up valuable cupboard and worktop area’s. 

All carefully made in a wide variety of finishes and styles, we have something suitable for every room and every setting.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding your shelving requirements, please call our friendly sales team on 01691 610952.


We are always happy to advise.

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  1. Ellesmere Hanging Saucepan Rack

    Part Number: MI202-g


    Sold Out

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 330mm (13")
    Total Height: 960mm (38")
    Width: 720mm (28")
    Depth: 380mm (15")

    Traditional period, wrought iron, hanging saucepan rack. Stunning, heavy duty saucepan rack, complete with sixteen integral hooks.

    Simply styled, in a period design, this saucepan rack will hold all your cooking pans and jugs up and out of the way of work surfaces and cupboards.

    The rack is suspended from the ceiling by two quality chains and looks simply delightful, when hung with a selection of our copper-ware jugs and pans.

    A visually handsome period piece that is extremely useful too.

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  2. Hanging Tool Rack Quincaillerie

    Part Number: FR033


    Traditional in robust steel, and old French advertising this hand crafted Hanging Tool Rack Quincaillerie is simply delightful, multi functional and fun. Bring style and colour to your kitchen.

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 540mm
    Width: 385mm
    Weight: 1.37kg

    Dimensions of Tray approx:
    Length: 453mm
    Width: 318mm
    Depth: 95mm

    Total Height: 830mm

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  3. Dobson Wall Mounted, “Bowed Wrought Iron” Kitchen Tool Rack

    Part Number: MI207-h


    Sold Out


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 115mm (4½")
    Width: 768mm (30¼")
    Projection: 178mm (7")
    Weight: 660g

    Traditional wrought iron work at its best, with this delightful Wall Mounted, bowed and hand wrought Kitchen Tool Rack.

    This extremely useful kitchen rack, is full of character, and yet very discreet. Slim line and easy to fit, it comes complete with five hanging hooks, to keep work tops or cooker tops free from stacked pans and kitchen tools.

    A fine example of superior blacksmith ware.

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  4. Gideon Wall Mounted, Kitchen Tool Rack, Hand Wrought in Iron

    Part Number: MI212-h



    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 100mm
    Length: 545mm
    Projection: 40mm
    Weight: 420g

    Simple and stylish, this blacksmith “Tudor” inspired kitchen utensil rack, is both strong, sturdy and extremely useful.

    This hanging rack can be fitted over a work surface ,cooker or even onto a door if space is limited.

    Three generous sized hooks will help to keep surfaces clear and uncluttered.

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  5. Gooseberry Lane Hanging Kitchen Utensil Rack

    Part Number: Gooseberry Lane Hanging Kitchen Utensil Rack


    Sold Out

    Dimensions (approx)
    Total Height: 690mm (27")
    Diameter: 510mm (20")
    Hook Height: 100mm (4")

    This Shabby Chic, Hanging Kitchen Utensil Rack, is hand made from Wrought Iron and Finished in a fresh ’Vintage’ "winter white". 

    Great for Hanging Saucepans and Utensils, or pretty jugs, and decorative items, "Gooseberry lane" has no less than eight lovely hanging hooks for all your pots and pans and has very pretty floral motifs hand cut into the sides of the rack.
    A Very stylish addition to any kitchen enthusiast.

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  6. “Bramley Hill” Rustic square hanging utensil rack

    Part Number: Rustic square hanging utensil rack


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 102mm (4")
    Total Height: 630mm
    Width: 635mm (25")
    Depth: 457mm (18")
    Weight: 2.54kg

    Delightfully period in design and finished in a rustic, natural raw iron, this is a wonderfully traditional kitchen rack. Suspended by a large loop and chain, the rack is fitted with no less than 10 pan or utensil hooks. Simply screws fix to ceiling, making sure that it is fitted to a load bearing, overhead beam. The main body of the utensil rack has been etched with diamond detailing that adds to the simplistic charm of this piece.
    An ideal way to store and display cooking essentials and create a feature for your kitchen.

    More product info

  7. "Stallinswood" Blacksmith Hanging kitchen Utensil or Saucepan Rack

    Part Number: Blacksmith Hanging kitchen Utensil


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 380mm (15’’)
    Width: 890mm (35’’)
    Depth: 510mm (20’’)

    This fine Blacksmith Hanging kitchen tool rack has been hand made in iron,in a simple medieval inspired design, and has no less than 12 hanging hooks for all your pots and pans.

    All hand made in high grade Iron, it is an inspired design that can be fitted anywhere in your kitchen and will help to keep cooker tops uncluttered and tidy.

    More product info

  8. “Coalbrock Grange” Circular "medieval styled" hanging kitchen utensil rack

    Part Number: FR126/BLK


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 311mm (12¼")
    Diameter: 483mm (19")
    Weight: 5.3kg

    Handmade from wrought iron, this `medieval styled hanging pan and utensil rack is amazingly period in style.
    A lovely and unusual circular design forms the main body of the kitchen rack, which has been finished in a natural black iron.
    This piece is supplied with no less than sixteen sturdy hooks, and so is able to hold a variety of pans and utensils.
    A substantial, utensil rack, it is supported by a large loop and chain combination, and can be suspended anywhere in your kitchen, pantry, or even your inglenook.

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  9. "Hemmingway Grange" "Game" wrought iron hanging rack, with Tudor Styling

    Part Number: BL083


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 204mm (8")
    Width: 102mm (4")
    Weight: 968g

    Superb "game" hanging rack, perfect for game bird, rabbit and all types of hanging meats. Could also be used as a rack to hang vegetables or kitchen utensils off of.
    Hand made from wrought iron, it is a strong robust item, that will give years of practical use.

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  10. Kitchen wall shelf

    Part Number: DEA - Kitchen wall shelf


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 826mm (32½")
    Width: 889mm (35")
    Depth: 159mm (6¼")
    Weight: 9.7kg

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