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Lamp Posts And Lanterns

Lamp posts and lanterns

No one can argue that the warm mellow light, cast by a lovely garden Lamp post can transform, cold, unwelcoming or dark hidden areas and make them a pleasure to work, play or simply relax in, especially when it comes to your own garden and grounds around your home. Using a Lamp post and Lantern you can create areas for sitting and eating with friends. Use a Lamp post to increase your homes security, by making it difficult for intruders to do their worst in dark unlit corners. Your new Lamp posts and Lanterns can extend warm summer evenings, by bathing your garden in a soft ambient glow, that family and visitors will want to enjoy. A lamp post and Lantern can create a safe environment to walk about in, on cold frosty nights, when you may need to attend to things within your garden or grounds.

Our stunning range of period Garden Lamp posts, Lanterns and matching accessories will do just that and a whole lot more, so if you are looking for the ultimate in Quality Garden Lighting, then you have come to the right place. This is an area in which we specialize and pride ourselves greatly, and why not?
Our range is now vast, with fabulous collections and matching accessories that will totally transform your garden or grounds. You may find cheaper alternatives, that promise the world, but we know without a doubt that you will not find the same level of quality and design features for the same, sensible price!. Not only that, but we are confident, that our Lampposts, Lanterns and Accessories will outlast most if not all other competitors in the marketplace. Strong, solid construction, high grade materials, and skilled craftsmen combine to give a lifelong, lasting product, that will give years of reliable service

So go ahead and shop with confidence, we offer advice and support for all our Lampposts, Lanterns and their fittings, and with our “Out Of Hours” phone line and email service you will have all the help you need, instantly.

We have now made shopping for your Garden Lighting, lampposts and lanterns even easier, by offering each design along with all its options and accessories in one section.

Simply choose the Lamp post and Lantern design that right for you, and then select from the other matching accessory options, on the same page. Perfect !

Collection discounts on our lighting varies, so please contact us for exact details. Due to the nature of the product, lamp post sizes may vary and all dimensions given are approximates. 

For your safety, please remember unless you are D.I.Y. proficient you should consult a qualified builder and electrician for wiring and mounting advice for your new Lamp post and Lantern.

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