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Standard Lincoln Log burner and Brazier

Part No: FG306/BLK + FG308/L

Availability: In stock

Price: £89.99

Lincoln Log burner and Brazier

Price: £89.99

  • Log Burner
  • Ash Pan

Log Burner

Height: 690mm (27⅛")
Diameter: 450mm (17¾")
Weight: 10.9kg

This wonderful log burner, wood burner or brazier is undoubtedly the most versatile garden product that you will ever buy. It is certainly superb value for money and is our Recommended Best Buy.

Designed and made from tough, heavy duty, wrought iron, these log burners and braziers are built to last a lifetime. They are finished in our hardwearing black powder coating. With use this will slowly break down, but can easily be maintained, using a recommended metal paint, such as Stove paint. This does not affect the robust quality of the wood burner. This particular design has a scroll design around the top with integral open grid base for ash to fall through.

These all season log burners are incredibly versatile and practical, and can be put to many uses. Perfect as a patio heater, they can be loaded with glowing coals will provide hours of lovely warmth for a party or gathering. With a robust grid that fits inside the rim, you can place cooking pans of barbecue food, sausages or foil wrapped potatoes, on Bonfire night or Halloween. (As with any product that produces a real flame, all braziers should be handled with care).

Each log burner, wood burner or brazier can be purchased with an optional ash pan, on which they can be stood, to catch any ashes and waste debris that falls through underneath. This pan can also be turned over and placed on top to create a table, when not alight, you then have a place for drinks or food, whilst working or just sitting in the garden.

The log burner and brazier can be dismantled in seconds to put away or transport and there are no screws or fixings to tackle. You will wonder, very quickly, how you ever managed without one of these amazing log burners. You can burn all your garden refuse in them too, the best garden tool you will ever buy.

This is made from all welded joints, no need nuts and bolts and no need to construct.

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