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Log Baskets & Log Holders

Our Fireside Log Trolleys and Log Stores are fast becoming a more popular and necessary fireside accessory, especially with rising fuel costs and people choosing to use open fireplaces more. 

Our log trolleys and wood racks provide the perfect transportation and storage devices for your logs without compromising on style, as well as taking the hard work out of carrying logs from outside, into your home and to the fireside.  Beautifully designed and built to last, they are elegant enough to remain beside the fire, bringing character and charm to any room.

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  1. Renaissance Style Curved Fire Basket

    Part Number: FG1096


    “Hilderic” Renaissance styled Fire basket. This stunning Fire basket must be seen to be believed! Created in wonderful heavy black Iron and standing at nearly two feet in height, it will hold an armoury in logs and big chunk Coal

    This Fire basket is an absolute bargain and must not be confused with lightweight inferiors. 
    Would look amazing standing inside any fireplace setting, with its totally chic, yet period appearance.

    The iron has been given a good coat of stylish matt black paint, which will mellow and “weather” down in use, adding to the period charm of this basket. 
    A splendid period fire basket that will last a lifetime.

    Height = 560mm (22")
    Length = 483mm (19")
    Width = 305mm (12")
    Weight = 9.6Kg

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  2. “Hinburn House” Contemporary Stainless Steel Log Holder

    Part Number: FG1198


    Beautifully modern in design this log basket is a charmingly unique addition to your fireside.
    The log holder has been hand made in stainless steel and has a wonderfully contemporary mirror finish. 
    Featuring delightfully decorative mesh detail and backing the Hinburn House log store is a stunning interior decoration. 

    Dimensions (approx) :
    Height: 410mm (16.1")
    Width: 305mm (12")
    Depth: 310mm (12.2")
    Weight: 4Kg

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  3. "Lornedale" Wooden and Cast Iron Log Holder

    Part Number: FG1192


    • Small
    • Large


    Height: 390mm (15⅓")
    Width handle tip to handle tip: 375mm (14¾")
    Diameter 300mm (11¾")
    Weight: 2.69kg

    Charmingly natural, this log holder has been crafted from real wood and features cast iron embellishments. The iron trims have a satin black finish that enhances the beauty of the wood. The log basket is available in two sizes , each supplied with integral, easy to grip handles.

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  4. Sherwood Wrought Iron Circular Log Basket

    Part Number: FG300/L + FG308/L

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 540mm
    Top Width: 460mm
    Base Width: 380mm
    Weight: 15.4kg

    Wrought Iron Brazier Log Burner Large Deluxe. These wonder- ful log burners and braziers are one of the most versatile garden products that we have created. Designed and made from tough, heavy duty, wrought iron, these log burners and braziers are built to last a lifetime. 

    This particular design is one of our larger designs and has been created by twisting the iron to produce these lovely chic knots. A stylish and playful twist on our original design. These all season log burners and brazier are incredibly versatile and practical, and can be put to many uses. 

    Perfect as a patio heater, they can be loaded with glowing coals and they will provide hours of lovely warmth for a party or gathering. With a robust grid that fits inside the rim, you can place cooking pans of barbecue food, and sausages or foil wrapped potatoes or chestnuts, on Bonfire night or Halloween. 
    Each log burner or brazier can be purchased with an optional ash pan, on which they can be stood, to catch any ashes and waste debris that falls through underneath. 

    This pan can then be turned over and placed on top to create a table, and instantly when not alight, you have a place for drinks or food, whilst working or just sitting in the garden.

    The log burner and brazier can be dismantled in seconds to put away or transport and there are no screws or fixings to tackle. You will wonder, very quickly, how you ever managed without one of these amazing log burners.

    Oh, and by the way, you can burn your garden refuse in them too ... Simply the best.

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  5. "Downton Abbey" Log Basket or Log Store

    Part Number: FG1115.


    • Log Holder Stand
    • Brush
    • Tongs
    • Poker
    • Shovel

    Log Holder Stand

    Height: 851mm (33.3")
    Width: 394mm (15.5")
    Depth: 400mm (15.75")
    Weight: 7.6kg

    This glorious Victoriana log basket or log store, is the epitome of classic elegance for your fireplace, and is absolutely reminiscent of those used in the late 18th century.
    Created by hand in strong iron, it has been given a captivating patina, which we would describe as rustic “antique” reminiscent of old brown weathered Iron.

    It stands on four ornate legs, with a curved “seat” and “rolled” back and resembles the sweeping lines of an antique fireside chair. Hanging from the curved back, by their integral loops, are no less than four splendid tools.

    All beautifully made and extremely sturdy, they consist of hearth spade, brush, poker, and fire tongs. There is also further scroll work half way across the back. An altogether stunning piece of fireside ware that is to date, unrivalled.

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  6. “Bennett Hall” Large Bronze Log Basket

    Part Number: A-H-Large Bronze Log Basket


    This magnificent log holder has been made from solid brass and finished in a beautifully decorative bronze.
    The log basket has also adorned with two ring handles and a unique pattern that enhances the character of this unique piece. 
    The fire side log holder is over 24” in height and is wonderfully deep, meaning there is ample room for logs and kindling. 
    A charming edition to the home, one that combines beauty and functionality perfectly. 

    Weight: 5.15Kg
    Height: 616mm (24.25")
    Width: 514mm (20.25")
    Base Diameter: 362mm (14.25")

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  7. Leaf Style Log Basket

    Part Number: FG1070


    Sophisticated and chic, our Leaf Style Log Basket looks stunning leaded with sweet smelling logs. Its design allows warm air to circulate around the wood helping it dry out ready for use, reducing the smoke, smell and helps with ’spitting’.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 381mm (15")
    Width: 407mm (16")
    Depth: 407mm (16")
    Weight: 5kg

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  8. Clarisa Arched Style, art deco Log Basket.

    Part Number: FG1071


    Classical arched windows inspired us to create this beautiful and unique fireside log stove.

    Our designs allow air to circulate around your logs in order to help dry them out prior to use (reducing the amount of smoke and smell). 
    This basket provides both style and practicality.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 381mm (15")
    Width: 407mm (16")
    Depth: 407mm (16")
    Weight: 5kg

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  9. Erik Nordic Log Basket with Fireplace Tools

    Part Number: FG1095-a


    Large Nordic Log Basket with Fireplace Tools Hand made in wrought iron, this no nonsense log basket or log store is sturdy and reliable. With simple, clean lines, it has four strong tools hanging either side to make looking after you fire a pleasure rather than a chore.

    Key Features:

    • Heavy duty, weighing more than 6kg.
    • Multifunctional, holding both logs and fireplace tools.
    • Open design allows air to circulate around logs and kindling. 

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 610mm (24"),
    Depth: 300mm (11¾"),
    Width (hook top to hook tip): 510mm (20")
    Weight: 6.5kg

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  10. Fleur de lys Design Log Store with Cover

    Part Number: FG1099-a


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 1.09m (43")
    Width: 915mm (36")
    Depth: 595mm (23.5")
    Weight: 16.7kg

    The ultimate complimentary accessory, for anyone having a multifuel stove, wood burner or open fire. This handsome and very practical wood store, is made not only to house a huge collection of logs, but is also beautifully, aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    Constructed from wrought iron, the wood store, is fabricated with steel rods and heavy gauge strip, to provide years of good service, and is finished in a satin black powder coated finish.

    The wood store is produced in four parts, to enable ease of delivery, ease of assembly, whilst offering excellent strength and stability. 
    The overall appearance resembles a house, with a pitched roof and decorative fleur de lys designs in both sides.

    The wood store is raised off the ground with four scroll feet and has an optional heavy gauge, FULL nylon cover, to keep all your logs completely dry and ready for burning.

    Comes complete with ALL fixings and instructions.

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