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Metal Gazebos

  • Serene Settings
    Serene Settings
    What can be lovelier than sitting amongst a riot of flowers and vine, with the warm sun peeking through the leaves...Or looking out across a soft green lawn through the hand crafted iron spirals of a simply stunning Metal Gazebo.
  • Outdoor Relaxation
    Outdoor Relaxation
    We have a choice of designs lovingly created from old original styles, which have been given a cheeky twist. With quality, not quantity our first priority, our pieces are very heavy and robust and we think extremely irresistible.
  • Stylish Celebrations
    Stylish Celebrations
    Whether you just want to own one for your garden, a special occasion, or buy a lifelong gift for a loved one, they are built to an unrivalled quality.

All Garden structures are painted by hand for a quality finish, we recommend that once installed, the structure is given an initial coat of metal based paint. This will ensure that any weak spots caused by transportation or installation are addressed. On going we would recommend an annual maintenance schedule using any leading outside paint provider is followed to keep the ironwork in good condition. 

If needed, we have our own fitting team, who are able to build and install your Metal Gazebo of choice.
Please contact us for more information.

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  1. Kate Gazebo Combo

    Normal Price: £1,750.00

    Special Price: £1,487.50

    Part Number: kate gazebo combo - wedding

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3.355m (11’)
    Diameter: 1.830m (6’)
    Weight: 200kg

    This beautiful Gazebo and swing seat combination is not only a delight to use, it looks just fabulous for a wedding setting, or for your bridal photography. 

    It is the perfect gift, to remind you always of your perfect and “Special day”.

    It weighs in at over half a ton of beautiful, lacy iron work, hand painted in gentle, palest, cream, whilst the soft woven single seat, is created from the art of “Macramé”.

    Macramé is the art of weaving and knotting, thread and yarn.. We have chosen to use Cotton Cable Cord for our woven hanging seat as it is strong, yet soft to the touch for comfortable seating. The piece also has extra jute reinforcements , which not only adds extra strength, but also a nice contrast to the cotton cord.

    This is an altogether captivating combination, that will create a real wow at your celebration, and will give years of beautiful service.

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    in stock
  2. Rustic Pale Sage Pagoda Gazebo


    Part Number: UKDI531

    Made to Order - 1-2 Weeks lead time
    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 2.32m (91.3")
    Width: 1.6m (63")
    Depth: 1.6m (63")

    Finished in a beautifully pale sage green, this gazebo is simple in design yet has been adorned with ornate detailing for a touch of refined splendour. Each of the four panels feature elegant scroll work which intertwines, creating delightful patterns. 

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    in stock
  3. Large Rustic Green Rectangular Gazebo


    Part Number: UKDI230

    Made to Order - 1-2 Week lead time
    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3500mm (137.8")
    Width: 2050mm (80.7")
    Depth: 4600mm (181")
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    in stock
  4. "Bellevue Park" Iron Vintage Gazebo


    Part Number: UKDI175/WHT/RUS

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3m (118⅛")
    Diameter: 2.25m (88⅝")
    Weight: 47kg

    This beautiful bird cage inspired gazebo has been crafted from iron. The garden structure is available in a choice of elegant rustic cream or classic rustic brown finishes. Adorned with ornate detailing and scroll work the metal pavilion is a stunning addition to your grounds. 

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  5. The Countess Gazebo

    Normal Price: £479.99

    Special Price: £407.99

    Part Number: HS706

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 2.9m (115")
    Width: 3.3m (119")
    Weight: 53kg

    This wonderful, spacious gazebo, has all the detailing and workmanship as in our other fabulous creations, but without the extra weight.

    The design has great impact and presence, but has been created for easy assembly, with the additional option, of ease of movement around your garden or grounds, for mowing lawns, garden parties etc, in fact for any occasion where you may want the versatility of moving your structure. The structure can be easily dressed in voiles, netting, or exotic fabrics for parties or wedding celebrations.

    Created in strong, tubular iron, that has been finished in our renowned French cream finish, although as with all of our splendid ironwork, it can be repainted in any colour you wish using a recommended metal paint.

    Shown here beautifully dressed in beautiful white ribbon, not supplied.

    We now also do a deluxe version, that has been hot dip galvanised, the best treatment for rust prevention.

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    in stock
  6. Alice’s Folly Gazebo


    Part Number: HS732

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3150mm (124")
    Width: 3360mm (132¼")
    Internal Width: 21mm (Rod Diameter)
    Width Of Each Panel: 1330mm (52⅓")
    Height from bottom to top of panel: 2210mm (87")

    Full of character and understated charm, “Alice’s folly” is a pretty,” Jelly mould”, shaped gazebo, that looks perfectly lovely when overgrown with foliage and Ivy, or flowers. Hand made in wonderful wrought Iron, she is a picture of old world, vintage.

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    in stock
  7. St Rimini Garden Gazebo


    Part Number: HS720, HS730

    Made to Order - 12-16 Week lead time
    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Gazebo
    • Table


    Height: 3620mm (142½")
    Width: 2362mm (93")
    Structure Width: 457mm (18")
    Seat Length: 457mm (18")
    Seat Height: 470mm (18½")
    Weight: 77kg

    The "St Rimini" gazebo or pavilion, is an unusual design, with the addition of four fixed seats around its perimeter. She looks lovely on her own or she is perfect for adding a wonderful dining or luncheon table in the middle.

    The fixed seating means, that your guest have plenty of room to relax, with optimum space for place settings, although extra, individual seat can be placed in the spaces.

    She is hand made in wrought iron and features lots of pretty detail, not least of which is her stunning roof with its raised, double ball finial.

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    in stock
  8. The Royal Alexandria Wrought Iron Gazebo

    Normal Price: £8,000.00

    Special Price: £6,800.00

    Part Number: HS708

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 15ft
    Floor Area: 3.5m squared
    Weight: Exceeding 1 ton

    This Stunning “Lacework” Gazebo, is the largest and finest in our growing collection. Standing at a magnificent 15ft Tall in her central dome, with a weight exceeding 1 ton of robust steel, the Royal Alexandria is an absolutely bewitching design. This fabulous confection, of mainly solid rod and heavy gauge materials, “Scroll and Leaf” construction, takes at least three Blacksmiths, over three weeks to create, with each and every minute detail, lovingly fitted into place, by hand. 

    The Royal Alexandria is a massive three and a half meters square and when she is dressed with “Uplighters” she is a breathtaking example of “Art in Ironwork”. Resplendent by day and dazzling by night, her sheer size means she is not for the feint hearted.

    To admire her at her most regal, we would advise that she is mounted on her own prepared base and in well appointed grounds. The “Royal Alexandria has four facades each with an entrance, and a large central dome extending upwards in her centre.  The deluxe version also available in this section is supplied with doors.  She is a work of art, few can afford, but for those that fall under her spell, she will leave a lasting impression of unrivalled splendour. 

    The Royal Alexandria is a proud and magnificent focal point, in any setting, however if you feel that you would like to have her finished in any colour that is personal to you and your surroundings, then we will do our very best to select the colour that is to your preferred choice and she will be finished in this basecoat by hand in our workshop. Please allow for up to two months delivery time on special colour requests. 

    The Alexandria Gazebo was featured on Alan Titchmarshes' - "Love Your Garden" in September 2011. 


    Supplied in base coat paint work at the price shown, should you want any colour as a top coat, please speak to us directly to obtain a quotation.

    Maintenance and care advice

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    in stock
  9. Deluxe Lady Arundel Garden Gazebo


    Part Number: HS704/DLX

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3.355m (132")
    Diameter: 1.830m (72")
    Weight: 200kg

    A regal feature for you garden or grounds, this stunning gazebo is a show stopping feature, transforming any occasion in to something truly unforgettable. The deluxe design is made of solid steel construction and has the unique addition of a solid roof, perfect for enjoying the view no matter what the weather.

    The garden structure has been adorned with exquisite scroll work and ornate detailing, perfectly complemented by the french cream finish. Place a table and chairs set within to create a unique dining experience, or dress with flowers and vines for the ideal wedding day photo opportunity.

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    in stock
  10. “The Imperial Adariani” Gazebo


    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: DI-Garden Lady Gazebo

    This stunning piece of art in iron is one of our most impressive gazebos, it has been made in robust cast iron and finished in an elegant and classic french cream. 
    The lavish dome has been hand wrought in iron and is beautifully detailed with a spectacular finial.
    Simply magnificent this creation features numerous goddess like figures inspired by the classic architecture of ancient Greece.
    Each of the regal figures stands on a delightfully decorative square plinth and are joined by integral iron benches. 
    A regal edition to any garden or grounds that will enchant and captivate your visitors for years to come. 

    Height: 4064mm (160")
    Width: 2997mm (118")
    Entrance Width: 1181mm (46.5")
    Bench Height: 451mm (17.75")

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    in stock
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