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Vintage & Period Wine Racks

Abundant in vintage charm this elegant collection of wine racks is the ideal way to lend a sense of period character to any room, as well as providing a stylish storage solution for your favourite tipple.

Many of the classical wine bottle holders have been inspired by antiques and originals, with the upmost care taken to ensure you receive something effortlessly beautiful. Wonderfully diverse this range is home to an array styles, from free standing to table top and even the traditional wine cage.

Adorned with exquisite detailing many of the wine stores can be finished in a colour of your choosing, creating a truly stunning addition for you kitchen or dining room. 

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  1. "Durban Ville" Wine Carrier or Wine holder

    Part Number: FR042


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 400mm
    Width: 250mm
    Weight: 1.2kg

    Wonderfully vintage in style this elegant wine rack has been hand wrought in iron and has a charmingly rustic finish. The bottle holder features a delightfully natural, hardwood handle and is perfect for transferring your chosen wine from the kitchen to the table.

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  2. ‘Avignon’ Wine Carrier or Wine Holder

    Part Number: FR043


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 395mm (16")
    Width: 330mm (13")
    Depth: 215mm (8")
    Weight: 1.6kg

    This larger version, finished in Rustic wrought iron, carries six full bottles of your favourite wine.

    This Rustic, period wine rack or holder is simply styled and hand wrought in lovely old looking iron.

    Perfect for displaying your favourite choice of wines, or for giving as a special gift to a real wine lover.

    This also has the addition of a period carry handle in splendid hardwood.
    This is also available in our “Shabby Chic” cream finish.

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  3. “Wroxwood House” Vintage Wall Mounted Wine Rack

    Part Number: UKPDG014


    Only 1 remaining available

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 760mm (30")
    Width: 150mm (6")
    Depth: 110mm (4½")

    Square Bottle Holder
    Height: 90mm (3½")
    Width: 90mm (3½")

    Round Bottle Holder
    Diameter: 90mm (3½")
    Weight: 1kg

    An enchanting combination of modern design and classical detailing ensures that this wall mounted wine rack is an exquisite feature for any room. Fill each of the square or cylinder bottle holders with your favourite whites and reds to create a unique, yet simply stunning and delightfully useful wall decoration. The wine rack has also been adorned with antique styled decals lending your home an unrivalled sense of period charm.

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  4. "Claudine" Classic Wine Carrier

    Part Number: FR005-d


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 371mm
    Width: 206mm
    Depth: 206mm
    Weight: 1.6kg

    Effortlessly classical in design this wine rack is traditionally made using steel and has a beautifully rustic, deep brown finish. The wine carrier has been adorned with charmingly vintage decal detailing, creating an authentically period store for your wine bottles. With space for up to 4 bottles the wine holder has an integral, natural wooden handle and is ideal for carrying your collection to the table when entertaining. 

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  5. “Vineyard Harvest” Vintage Wine Bottle Carrier

    Part Number: UKPDG009


    Only 1 remaining available

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 360mm (14.1")
    Width: 215mm (8.5")
    Depth: 100mm (3.9")
    Weight: 800g

    Delightfully classical this wine carrier has been hand made in iron. The wine store can hold up to two bottles and features a charmingly vintage decal.
    An ideal way to serve wine at the table or when entertaining, simply load the carrier up with two bottles of your favourite vintage and enjoy.

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  6. "Durnsley cottage" Vintage Wine Rack

    Part Number: Durnsley cottage wine rack


    Only 1 remaining available

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 1219mm
    Width: 705mm
    Depth: 279mm

    A wonderfully unusual and distinctive wine rack, offering a number of ways to display, store and dispense your wine.

    Hand made in wrought iron, with a vintage, shabby chic cream finish, the wine bottle holder is both stylish and individual. With room enough for a minimum of nine bottles of wine, there is also extra space for glasses, cocktail serviettes or accessories, including corkscrews and other essentials.

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  7. “Harcourt Lane” Antique Style Wine Cage

    Part Number: SCA-Antique Style Wine Cage


    Only 1 remaining available

    This beautifully vintage wine cage has ample room for your wine and bottle collection.
    The wine rack has been finished in a charmingly rustic french cream and is wonderfully antique in style. 
    Adorned with stunning scroll work the wine and bottle holder is an ideal way to store and display your favourite vintage. 
    The front door opens fully and can be securely closed using the integral latch. 
    A delightful feature for the home that would look simply perfect placed in a dining room or kitchen. 

    Weight: 20Kg approx
    Height: 978mm (38.5")
    Width: 502mm (19.75")
    Depth: 381mm (15")
    Height: 972mm (38.25")
    Width: 940mm (37")
    Depth: 400mm (15.75")
    Height: 965mm (38")
    Width: 1867mm (73.5")
    Depth: 387mm (15.25")

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  8. "Madeleine" Wine Carrier & Wine holder

    Part Number: ’Madeleine’ Wine Carrier & Wine holder-a


    Only 1 remaining available

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 470mm
    Width: 230mm
    Weight: 600g

    Charmingly vintage in style this wine carrier can hold up to 2 bottles of your favourite wine. An ideal way to serve guests when entertaining and a delightful addition to your table top, this wine holder allows your guests to select their own wine. A charming gift for new home owners or newlyweds, the wonderfully unusual wine rack features an enchanting heart finial and is finished in shabby chic cream. 

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  9. "Walter" Empty Wine bottle Holder

    Part Number: Walter' Empty Wine bottle Holder


    Only 1 remaining available

    This wine bottle holder is made from wrought iron with a wonderfully shabby chic finish. Perfect for storing empty bottles of wine this charmingly unique piece is ideal for use in wine bars, restaurants or those with an expansive collection. 

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  10. "San Juan" Three Twist Wine Carrier

    Part Number: Three Twist Wine Holder-a


    Bulk/ trade orders only

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 360mm
    Base Diameter: 290mm
    Weight: 1.4kg

    This three twist style table top wine rack just oozes rustic charm. Created in wrought iron and finished in a shabby chic cream, the wine carrier has nearly as much character as the wine you choose to store in it.  The wine bottle holder makes a delightful table decoration and allows you to decant three bottles of your favourite wines, without the need to leave the table.

    This Wine rack would sit perfectly on any table or worktop.


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