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Wine Coolers & Party Accessories

  • Perfectly Chilled
    Perfectly Chilled
    We have a delightfully diverse range of wine coolers and party accessories, covering many different styles and finishes.
  • Sensational Celebrations
    Sensational Celebrations
    Many would make wonderful gifts for birthday and anniversaries, whilst some would make the most original wedding additions, filled with wonderful bottles of bubbly.

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  1. Vintage Beer Bucket


    Part Number: UKDI747

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 250mm (9.8")
    Width: 360mm (14.2")
    Depth: 220mm (8.7")

    What could be more inviting than a chilled bucket of beers on a sunny afternoon? Keep your bottles perfectly chilled with this wonderfully vintage beer cooler. The ice bucket is delightfully rustic in design with a natural finish and rope loop handles. 

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    in stock
  2. “Millano Square” Chrome Bottle Cooler & Ice Bucket

    Normal Price: £69.99

    Special Price: £59.49

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: Drinks Cooler Ice Bucket

    This bottle cooler is a refined and elegant way to keep your favourite wine, or perhaps something a little more special, perfectly chilled. Ideal for use when entertaining the bright chrome design features an integral handle and stunning polished brass detailing. Simply fill with ice and your tipple of choice for an easy yet sophisticated serving solution. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 260mm (10.2")
    Diameter: 290mm (11.4")
    Weight: 1.4Kg

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    in stock
  3. “D’ Ambonnay” Steel Wine and Champagne Cooler

    Normal Price: £22.99

    Special Price: £19.54

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: UKVIC030

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 305mm (12")
    Top Diameter: 235mm (9¼")
    Base Diameter: 159mm (6¼")
    Weight: 874g

    Created from steel, this wine cooler exudes sophistication through the warm, biscuit cream finish. The elegant black lettering of ‘bubbly” further enhances its charm.

    Simply fill the removable plastic bucket insert with ice, and place of bottle of your favourite wine or champagne within to chill.

    This wine cooler is ideal for entertaining and special occasions, or for when you simply want indulge with loved ones at home.

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    in stock
  4. Olympic Tea Light Cones

    Normal Price: £9.99

    Special Price: £8.49

    Part Number: HS702

    These attractive and brightly coloured tea light holders are created from old beer bottles and are another super example of recycling at its best. They have a cleverly designed candle holder in the neck of the bottle, which will allows you to light it without burning your fingers.

    Supplied complete with steel ground spike and available in a selection of beautiful, bold, colours, that look stunning alight at night, or unlit during the day. The candle is protected within the neck from the breeze and will remain alight until you choose to blow it out.

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    in stock
  5. "Chateau Cos d' Estournel" Genuine Silver Plated Wine cooler

    Normal Price: £122.99

    Special Price: £104.54

    Part Number: WR034

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 177.8mm (7")
    Width: 381mm (15")
    Depth: 165.1mm (6½")
    Weight: 2kg

    Delightfully regal in design this duet wine cooler features an inner ice chamber, helping to avoid drips and the need for a serving napkin. Simply fill with ice and add your favourite wine for perfectly chilled drinks.

    The ice chamber has a lovely chateau motif etched into the front, followed by French wording underneath. A very atmospheric item that will add real old French charm to your fine dining. All hand made in solid brass, it is then carefully electroplated in Nickel Silver, giving a most brilliant shine.

    Care of your fine Silverware:
    As with all fine quality plating, to keep your silverware at its very best, we recommend only washing in hot soapy water after each use. Dry thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. Do not use detergents, strong chemicals or abrasive materials on your silverware. Beautiful silverware deserves careful handling, which will then give you years of delightful service.

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    in stock
  6. Garden Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder


    Part Number: UKJO066

    Made to Order - 1-2 Week lead time

    This quirky wine waiter is a simple solution to keeping a perfectly chilled bottle and a clean supply of glasses on hand while entertaining in the garden.

    The central ground spike is easily pushed in the lawn, allowing you move the bottle holder as needed. The circular frame surrounding the wine holder is able to support both empty and filled glasses.

  7. “Malbury Avenue” Deluxe Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

    Normal Price: £89.99

    Special Price: £76.49

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: MGR - Deluxe Stainless Wine Cooler Bucket

    Sleek and stylish this wonderfully contemporary wine cooler is made from stainless steel. The beautifully polished finish lends a sense of modernity to any room or event. Adorned with an elegant, hand sewn leather handle this design is an effortlessly sophisticated serving solution. Perfect for use when entertaining, simply fill with ice cubes and a choice bottle for an ideal night in. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 280mm (11")
    Diameter: 245mm (9.6")
    Weight: 2Kg

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    in stock
  8. Drinks Cooler Galvanised Steel


    Part Number: MI201

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 228mm
    Width: 305mm
    Length: 420mm
    Weight: 1.5kg

    Keep your guests perfectly refreshed with ice cold bottles and cans, perfect for use when entertaining outdoors this drinks cooler is the perfect serving solution. The ice bucket is made from galvanised steel and features two hardwood handles. 

  9. “COOL IT” wonderful wine or beer coolers

    Call For Price

    Part Number: Cool it wonderful wine or beer coolers

    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large


    Height: 191mm, Depth: 288mm, Width: 375mm, Weight: 900g

    Made from galvanised steel, in three varying sizes, these fabulous wine coolers will hold lots of bottles and cans for your special party or celebration.

    Simply fill with crushed or whole ice cubes and wedge your cans and bottles into the ice.
    Two side loop handles mean you can move it about with ease.

    The essential party accessory.

  10. Bottle Opener - Brasserie


    Part Number: FR001

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 300mm (12’’)
    Width: 123mm (5’’)
    Depth: 51mm (2’’)
    Weight: 400g

    Fun and functional this design has been adorned with a french Brasserie decal. Wall mounted wooden back board, with a cast opener and a steel top collection bin, the bottle opener has been finished in green. The three colour French beer advert lends this item an authentic sense of character.

    Supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes.

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Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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