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Armilleries and Stands

A most distinguished home ornament, for the discerning interior designer.

We have a lovely collection indoor armillaries which are bound to add a unique style and generate interest in your home. Many of our interior designs are ideal to put on your tables or desks, giving a new and fresh look to your home, others are mounted on tripods and would be a great asset to any living room, giving them a unique look that will make your home stand apart from others.

Please see our garden armillaries

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  1. Arrow Armillary

    Normal Price: £40.00

    Special Price: £34.00

    Part Number: HS019/PBL

    This is our lovely, chunky Arrow Armillary, which we have chosen to produce in warm mellow polished and lacquered brass. This particular design comes without a neck and almost squats on its own integral base. Being a neat 7 inches tall, it sits beautifully on our larger plinths, or inside the home, it would stand on a table or dresser, or even a bookcase. It is also a lovely size to send as a memorable Gift. The solid time dial, depicts roman numerals.

    Price is for Sundial only! Click here to purchase your sundial column

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    in stock
  2. Rutherford hall display stand or plinth

    Normal Price: £249.99

    Special Price: £212.49

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: Rutherford hall display stand or plinth

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 698.5mm (27½")
    Width: 419.1mm (16½")
    Weight: 17.5kg

    You would be quite forgiven for thinking this wonderful display stand, was made many years ago from the finest hardwood, carefully stained and then hand polished with wax, and given pride of place in a wonderful entrance hall. However, you would be quite wrong.

    This ornate plinth has been hand cast from strong aluminium and then hand worked with a delightful antique wood finish.

    Although we felt this stand would be perfect for displaying a beautiful ornament of sculpture, we think its look equally stunning used as an occasional, or side table. A magnificent piece of furniture.

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    in stock
  3. Tripod Mounted Small Armillary

    Normal Price: £189.99

    Special Price: £161.49

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: Tripod Mounted Small Armillary

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 1.370m (54")
    Width: 432mm (17")
    Tripod Diameter: 640mm (25")
    Weight: 4.6Kg

    A majestic addition to any room this tripod mounted armillary features a sleek and modern chrome centre piece. The design has been mounted on a heavy black steel and bright chrome tripod.

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    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  4. Tripod Mounted Large Armillary

    Normal Price: £169.99

    Special Price: £144.49

    Part Number: HS083

    Made to Order - 12 Week lead time
    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 1.384m (54.5")
    Width: 755mm (29.5")
    Depth: 552mm (21.5")
    Tripod Diameter: 1.014m (40")
    Weight: 8.2Kg

    This large tripod mounted armillary is a real show stopper mounted on a heavy black wood and bright chrome tripod. The photography does not do justice to this impressive work of art. 

  5. “Goodnough Grove” Artistic Armillary Sphere

    Call For Price

    Part Number: Artistic Armillary Sphere

    Simply stunning in detail this classical armillary sphere has been finished in a charmingly antique white. Wonderfully rustic in style this artistc design is a delightful alternative to the more traditional piece. 

    Weight: 3.8Kg
    Height: 546mm (21.5")
    Width: 254mm (10")
    Depth: 267mm (10.5")

    out of stock
  6. “Gromsford Manor” Metal Globe with Tripod


    Part Number: BSP Metal Globe On Base

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Width: 329mm (12.75")
    Length: 387mm (15.25")
    Circumference: 946mm (37.25")
    Base Height: 711mm (28")
    Base Width: 533mm (21")
    Weight: 2.35kg

    Wonderfully contemporary by design this globe is supplied with an elegant tripod stand.

    The three legs are connected through a chain and loop to ensure the sphere remains upright.

    The design is delightfully modern in every way from the subtle mirror finish to the charmingly stylish lettering.

    An stunning feature for any room, place in a library or lounge area for a unique yet beautifully decorative addition. 

    out of stock
  7. “Tower of Winds” Solid brass celestial armillary


    Part Number: Solid brass celestial armillary

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 495mm (19½")
    Width: 191mm (7½")
    Weight: 1.9kg

    A very splendid, and timeless armillary, that has been hand crafted in solid brass and then finished with a beautiful antique lustre. The result is a warm and mellow, satin finish that is utterly classic.

    This piece has been designed for indoor use, and would make a striking feature in either a library, office or entrance hall. This would also make a very memorable and lasting gift, for a wedding or special birthday.

  8. Free Standing Armillary


    Part Number: HS084

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 838mm (33")
    Width: 502mm (19¾")
    Depth: 533mm (21")
    Base Diameter: 324mm (12½")
    Weight: 7.1kg

    This regal and impressive armillary has been mounted on a heavy black steel base. The chrome centre lends a sense of contemporary style this classical design.

  9. “Praxithea” Contemporary Chrome Armillary


    Part Number: MGR-Contemporary Chrome Armillary

    As impressive in size as it is in style this design is wonderfully contemporary.

    The armillary has been mounted on an elegant, turned chrome stand, giving this ancient and authentic piece a modern twist.

    With a central globe finished in a sleek midnight black it is simply stunning.

    The equinoctial band and other frame work can be arranged as you choose, allowing you to enhance the beauty of this item even further.

    out of stock
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