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Blacksmith Gift Experience


Part No: Blacksmith Experience

Discover the untold secrets of the art of blacksmithing here in our own interactive forge. Our exclusive blacksmith gift experiences allow everyone from intrigued novice to those with existing skills to test their metal at the anvil.

The gift experiences can last from a few hours to a full half day depending on your interests, alongside our resident blacksmiths you will learn the basics of the craft before being challenged to create something of your own to take home with you. Every time you use your toasting fork or poker you’ll be reminded of the unforgettable day spent in the heat of forge.

The experiences also make for thoughtful and unique gifts, ideal for those with a creative flair looking to try something a little different. 

Please choose from either the blacksmith taster session or the half day experience, we will then send you a voucher to allow you to phone and book a date with our blacksmith. 


Blacksmith Taster Session

Price: £35
Duration: 2 Hours

An ideal gift for those looking to expand their creativity or simply try something new! During your two hours you will be taught some of the classic skills like scrolling and beating at the anvil. Your session will begin with a brief from our blacksmith on what you’ll be working on and some safety advice.

You’ll then be able to begin working on your chosen toasting fork or poker design with the help of our experienced artists. 

Half Day Session

Price: £99
Duration: 9.00am-1.00pm 

For passionate artists and those with a knack for metalworking already our half day experience is an ideal gift. Discover more about the traditions of the craft as well as getting stuck in to a day in the life of a modern blacksmith.

You’ll also be able to create something entirely unique to take home with you to ensure the day is truly unforgettable. 


Prior to booking your experience, please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions:

1.    All courses include materials. PPE will be provided but please wear sturdy shoes/boots and old clothes. 
       No Fleeces please.

2.    Age – minimum age limit 14 years, under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult who will be required to remain for the 
       duration of the experience

3.    Half day experiences: a light refreshments will be provided, those taking the taster 2hr sessions will receive a hot drink.

4.    Items that are made can be taken home at no extra cost providing that it is within the price bracket chosen. 
       Additional items can be made at an agreed charge.

5.    You must attend a health and safety briefing before starting you experience.

6.    Please note that the blacksmithing experience does not cover the use of welding equipment.

7.    Please telephone us before starting your journey.

8.    As the forge is a potentially hazardous working environment unsuitable behaviour may result in 
      removal from the premises. 

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