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Copper and Polished Brass Tea Caddy & Coffee Tin

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Coffee Tin
Sugar Tin
Tea Caddy
Part No: MI524/T MI524/C MI524/S
  • Coffee Tin
  • Tea Caddy
  • Sugar Tin

Coffee Tin

Height: 103mm (4")
Width: 124mm (5")
Weight: 400g

These beautiful, stylish kitchen storage containers are real show stoppers.

Made from lovely warm copper and brass in a naturally polished finish, they are both unusual and timeless.

Traditionally styled, but with an up to the minute, modern look, this tea caddy and coffee storage tin, will blend delightfully into any kitchen environment, whether contemporary, ultra modern, or period.

The embossed wording reads:

ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA, A Blend Of Fine Teas Producing A Distinctive English Brew. ( Tea Caddy).

COFFEE. Selection Of Best Arabica Plants (Coffee Storage Tin).

The Tea Caddy is square, with rounded corners whilst the Coffee tin has been given an extra twist and is oval in shape.

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