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Garden Benches And Garden Seats

  • Outdoor Elegance
    Outdoor Elegance
    What could be lovelier, after a hard day’s work in the garden than to relax on your very own bench & appreciate all you have done in comfort and style? All of our designs are made from the finest materials and we have a style to suit every pocket and garden!

Finished in a powder coated colour of your choice, each piece has been designed to deteriorate gracefully, when weathered outside. Hence any markings that appear on the benches, when in use are intentional and are meant to bring aged character and charm to each piece.

Some alternatives that are being sold by other companies are assembled together from inferior components. This will always leave troublesome weaknesses in your seat. Our premier collection is welded at source, from high grade components. Unrivalled in quality, they have tremendous longevity and will, if cared for, out last any other alternative.

Our wonderful, lighter weight, fine ornate, wire work iron designs are assessed here for safe delivery, and may or may not arrive with the need to be re assembled on arrival.

This will always be done to ensure the safe and perfect arrival of your chosen style. Wherever possible we will endeavour to send items complete, however in some cases minor assembly may be required.

With this in mind, when ordering from countries other than England please be sure to email, or call 01691 610952 the sales team with the items you wish to purchase. This enables us to provide you with an accurate quote regarding shipping and tax if applicable.

To keep your new addition at its absolute best we recommend a yearly fresh coat of varnish or linseed oil, for natural wood and perhaps a coat of metal hammerite paint for your metal parts. 

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For advice on how to care for cast iron please see our Maintenance page.