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As the nights begin to draw in and the days turn colder there is often nothing better than taking a walk in the crisp autumn air, or perhaps curling up in front of a crackling fire with something delicious waiting for you in the oven. However you choose to enjoy this beautiful season we have a few ideas as to how you can make the most of it, as well as a collection of essentials that are must have at this time of year.

Umbrella Holders

As the rain pours and leaves blow in the gale, the last thing you want is to bring the cold and wet in to your warm haven of a home. Our umbrella stands not only avoid drips and puddles collecting in your hallway, but are also an effortlessly stylish interior addition. With some of our most popular designs being snapped up by famous brands including Ted Baker, each umbrella stand is the perfect combination of functionality and decorative flare.  With integral drip trays, hand crafted detailing and a wonderfully diverse range to choose from, we have the perfect accessory for your winter essential.

Cast Iron Kitchenware

Our hand crafted selection of cast iron kitchenware is not only unrivalled in quality but also lends an authentic sense of country chic to any setting. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place of both creation and relaxation, within this range you’ll find all you need to do just that. From traditional trivets and classic cook book stands, to contemporary tagines and pans, these delightful kitchen essentials also make for unique yet thoughtful gifts. So this season sit back and reap the rewards of your new kitchenware, with tasty homemade bakes cooling on the side and a tea pot that keeps your brew at just the right temperature, you really will have everything you need to warm the hearts, and stomachs, of your family and friends.

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