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Lamp Post Collections

  • Authentic Ambiance
    Authentic Ambiance
    Each lantern and post is created using traditional methods and only the highest quality iron, brass and copper.
  • Vintage Beauty
    Vintage Beauty
    The origins of each individual design are carefully considered to combine the classic beauty of the past with the very best of modern functionality.

Within our lighting collection you are able to explore the exquisite detailing of each style, consider the shapes and designs available to select a truly stunning lamp post set for your home. 

Whether your preference is for the sophisticated elegance of our Victorian lamp posts, or for the stately opulence of the Royal Colonial range we have just the thing to complement the grounds of any setting.

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  • Masonry Fixing (Ram bolts)

    Masonry Fixing (Ram bolts)

    Part Number: Masonry Fixing (Ram bolts)


  • Lamppost Roots or Anchors

    Lamppost Roots or Anchors

    Part Number: LF1008 LF1008/S/M/L/XL


    Free Delivery
  • Chelsea Lamppost

    Chelsea Lamppost

    Part Number: LF1018

    Call For Price

  • Ornate Wrought Iron Scroll Sign

    Ornate Wrought Iron Scroll Sign

    Part Number: SP030 + SP007/FRAME-b


  • “Portrait” Miniature Victorian Lamp Post

    “Portrait” Miniature Victorian Lamp Post

    Part Number: LF1000/XS & LF1085/BLK


  • High Pressure Sodium Fitting (SON)

    High Pressure Sodium Fitting (SON)

    Part Number: High Pressure Sodium Fitting (SON)


Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 30 of 130 total

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