Metal Gazebos

  • Serene Settings
    Serene Settings
    What can be lovelier than sitting amongst a riot of flowers and vine, with the warm sun peeking through the leaves...Or looking out across a soft green lawn through the hand crafted iron spirals of a simply stunning Metal Gazebo.
  • Outdoor Relaxation
    Outdoor Relaxation
    We have a choice of designs lovingly created from old original styles, which have been given a cheeky twist. With quality, not quantity our first priority, our pieces are very heavy and robust and we think extremely irresistible.
  • Stylish Celebrations
    Stylish Celebrations
    Whether you just want to own one for your garden, a special occasion, or buy a lifelong gift for a loved one, they are built to an unrivalled quality.

All Garden structures are painted by hand for a quality finish, we recommend that once installed, the structure is given an initial coat of metal based paint. This will ensure that any weak spots caused by transportation or installation are addressed. On going we would recommend an annual maintenance schedule using any leading outside paint provider is followed to keep the ironwork in good condition. 

If needed, we have our own fitting team, who are able to build and install your Metal Gazebo of choice.
Please contact us for more information.

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  • Benvelia’s Gateway Gazebo

    Benvelia’s Gateway Gazebo

    Part Number: HS722


  • Deluxe Lady Arundel Garden Gazebo

    Deluxe Lady Arundel Garden Gazebo

    Part Number: HS704/DLX


  • "Bethany Rose" Metal Gazebo

    "Bethany Rose" Metal Gazebo

    Part Number: Bethany Rose Metal Gazebo


  • “Thomford Boulevard” Garden Gazebo with Canopy

    “Thomford Boulevard” Garden Gazebo with Canopy

    Part Number: Garden Gazebo With Canopy


  • “Laura's Carousel” Garden gazebo or pavilion

    “Laura's Carousel” Garden gazebo or pavilion

    Part Number: Lauras Carousel Garden gazebo or pavilion


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26 Item(s)

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