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Valentines day

Endsleigh Garden Centre (Garden & Leisure)


Endsleigh garden centre
Endsleigh Garden Centre (Garden & Leisure)
PL21 9JL
Tel: 01752 898 989
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endsleigh promotional day
The promotional day was carried out on Saturday 2nd June. This day followed the grand opening of the New Black Country Metal Works Store within a Store. The event saw a parade of customers coming through the doors.










Weathervane black rooster
Weathervanes - Cast Iron
Weathervanes offer a beautifully majestic way of decorating your home or out building, our weathervanes flying high look truly stunning and are a classy addition to any property. Our Black Cast Iron Weather vanes are of a solid construction, and will last a lifetime. 


Our weathervanes come complete with fixings, instructions and a universal bracket that will allow for mounting on a wall or roof. These weathervanes are designed for decorative use.
Our Weathervane prices you will find extremely competitive, and can easily be installed, with a bit of DIY knowledge and skill.

Measurements given are the height from the top of the design to the arrow and the width from arrow tip to tail. Weathervane bracket plates for mounting are 10cm x 15cm. The base for all the weathervanes are an additional 58cms in height.

If you want to see our complete range, or want to purchase a Weathervane Click here to go to "Weathervanes – Cast Iron"

Weathervane black sailboat