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Umbrella and walking stick stands

  • Showers & Storms
    Showers & Storms
    As they say it never rains it pours, as such a ready supply of umbrellas and a place to store them in a downpour is always welcome in any setting.
  • Looking for Rainbows
    Looking for Rainbows
    Our varied collection also offers the ideal place for your visitors and guests to store their trusted brollies while they dry, with internal drip trays this unrivalled range also helps to avoid wet floors and tripping hazards.

 From the regal and classical to the more contemporary and stylish, this exclusive selection of stores has all you need to lend a sense of vintage charm or modernity to any room. An abundance in choice of finishes and styles this collection ensures your chosen design is a unique yet elegant feature for the hall or entrance way. 

Click here to view our wonderful range of handmade walking sticks 

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  1. “Linford Hall” Square Base Umbrella Stand

    Normal Price: £229.99

    Special Price: £195.49

    Part Number: HS295

    This regal umbrella stand is the embodiment of style and sophistication. Beautifully ornate in design it is available in a choice of elegant finishes including antique nickel, copper and brass. 
    Wonderfully robust the hand crafted holder is an ideal way to store your brollies and is a charmingly decorative addition to entrance ways and halls. 

    Weight: 7.4Kg
    Height: 610mm (24")
    Width: 318mm (12.5")

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    in stock
  2. “Bennett Hall” Large Umbrella Stand

    Normal Price: £169.99

    Special Price: £144.49

    Part Number: HS293

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 616mm (24¼")
    Top Diameter: 514mm (20¼")
    Base Diameter: 362mm (14¼")
    Weight: 5.15kg

    This magnificent design has been made from solid brass and finished in a beautifully decorative bronze. The piece has also adorned with two ring handles and a unique pattern that enhances the character of this unique interior addition.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  3. "Mawsden Court" Fluer De Lys Umbrella Stand

    Normal Price: £44.99

    Special Price: £38.24

    Part Number: HS579

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 686mm (27")
    Width: 260mm (10¼")

    An elegant addition to your hallway this umbrella stand is simple yet classical in design. Made in iron and available in a choice of finishes the piece features a trio of holders, as well as concave base to collect any excess water.

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    in stock
  4. "Bouchard" Ornate Scroll Heart Iron Umbrella Stand

    Normal Price: £54.99

    Special Price: £46.74

    Part Number: HS580

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 762mm (30")
    Width: 229mm (9")

    This delightfully unique umbrella holder has been adorned with an ornate, heart shaped finial and is available in a choice of elegant finishes. Made in iron this design features four circular supports, allowing you to safely store an abundance of brollies and essentials.

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    in stock
  5. Mary Poppins umbrella stand or decorative planter


    Part Number: UKDI041/CRM

    This delightful umbrella stand or planter has been, hand made in cast iron, and finished in a pretty pale cream.

    It stands on four scroll legs and has a lovely shaped handle coming up from the centre.

    Very unusual, it is perfect for indoors, in a conservatory or garden room or porch.

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    in stock
  6. “Medhall Square” Umbrella Stand

    Normal Price: £44.99

    Special Price: £38.24

    Part Number: HS586

    Timeless in design this elegant umbrella stand has been finished in a pale storm grey and is made from iron. Wonderfully classical the walking stick stand is also shaped like an umbrella and has been adorned with exquisite scroll detailing. The freestanding umbrella holder features an integral handle and is an ideal place to tidily store and dry your umbrellas. 
    Place in your hallway or entrance for a unique and enchanting interior feature. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 950mm (37")
    Width: 275mm (10.8")
    Depth: 275mm (10.8")
    Weight: 3.6Kg

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  7. Hartley Umbrella and Walking Stick Stand


    Part Number: HS258

    This unusual Walking stick and umbrella stand has been made in wonderful Cast Iron and finished in marl grey or soft cream, for a really vintage look.

    Features three lovely hearts at the top, two loop supports for the Walking sticks and Umbrellas, and a sturdy base, with supporting sides, in which to stand everything.

    This is a very useful size and will fit in most hallways or porches, for a really neat, classic look.

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 629mm (24¼")
    Width: 279mm (11")
    Depth: 171mm (6¾")
    Weight: 4kg
  8. "Easthill" Minimalistic Umbrella Stand


    Part Number: UKLO032

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 760mm (30")
    Width: 320mm (12½")
    Depth: 260mm (10¼")

    Vintage in finish, the piece has a wonderfully open design allowing your umbrellas to dry thoroughly, while the integral drip tray base collects any excess. Four circular holders act as support for walking sticks, providing the perfect storage solution. The rustic stand has also been adorned with a cat head finial as well as four small feet. 

  9. "Du Burgh Abbey" period umbrella and walking stick stand


    Part Number: HS286

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 679mm (26¾")
    Width: 345mm (13½")
    Weight: 14kg

    A very different and unique walking stick stand, that is perfect for holding lots of items neatly.
    Four individual drip trays, in the base prevent water and debris from dropping onto floors, whilst the stylish antique brass intersection, keep items from tangling or falling over. Four splendid brass finials lend a period feel to this remarkable stand.
    The cast iron base has been finished in a bronze metallic, which is an elegant contrast to the polished antique brass.
    It is also available in a contemporary bright nickel, with a contrast metallic bronze base.
    This is perfect for either domestic or commercial use, and will give years of reliable service.

    out of stock
  10. Bellambrella Umbrella & Walking stick stand


    Part Number: FG1113

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 666mm (26")
    Diameter: 280mm (11")
    Weight: 3.2kg

    Something different, something a little flamboyant, a feature , rather than just a holder of sticks and umbrellas.

    We’ve created this in Antique brass, it has a warm aged patina and stands independently anywhere you care for it to be used.
    It’s weighted in the base, to be stable and sturdy.
    It’s a period item, that we’ve recreated and now has become something of the moment, a little humour and exceptionally practical.
    Holds in excess of ten items comfortably.

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