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Fire Guard & Screens FAQs

Designed to add both style and practicality to your space, our varied range of fire guards offers something unique for all styles and tastes. We get a lot of questions about our fire guards so here are our answers to some of your most frequently asked ones!

Please be aware that the below advice is intended as guidance only. We always recommend seeking the assistance of a qualified professional for installation instructions and advice regarding the structural or weight-bearing capability of our guards. 

Should I use a different type of guard if I’m burning wood or coal?

In short, no. Whilst wood can pop, crackle and spit (especially if not well seasoned and dried), there are no general differences between guards which would make them more or less suitable for wood, coal or gas.

How do guards influence heat distribution?

Guards with limited detailing, predominately mesh, will direct heat upwards into the room. 

Which design is best if I have children or pets?

Guards which fix directly to the back wall of the hearth offer the greatest level of protection. We stock a range of Baby Dan fire guards which are specifically designed for child safety. We recommend that these are installed by a tradesperson to ensure maximum safety. You can find out more about child-safe guards here.

Fire Guard Child Safety

Do I need to use a fireguard with a multi-fuel log burner?

Most solid fuel burners are fully functional whilst the door is fully closed, so the issue of sparks or debris escaping is avoided completely. However, if you have pets or small children, a guard can help keep them at a safe distance. Any fire guard, however, is not a guaranteed solution and caution should always be exercised around any burning fire.

Do I need a three or four-fold design?

Generally, this is all up to personal preference.  We typically find that three-fold fire screens are more stable as they feature a fixed central panel and one less hinge. This is especially the case where the hearth is made from uneven natural stone rather than smooth granite, for instance. Four-fold fire screens are sometimes preferred as they can be folded and stored, requiring less space when not in use.

Three & Four-Fold Fire Guards

Do I need to perform any maintenance?

It is always best to regularly check the mesh and structural integrity of the fire guard.  All of our guards are pre-treated depending on the metal material used to fabricate them. In black, the guards are crafted from steel and then powder coated to provide a tough durable finish. In brass, we use only pure brass which is shaped by hand and then coated in a tough stove lacquer to prevent the brass from tarnishing. This lacquer can be removed using a product like Brasso and then hand polished to a high shine. To read more about how to maintain specific materials, please refer to our General Care & Maintenance Guide.

Which fireguards are heaviest?

Due to the inherent nature of the metal, cast iron offers the heaviest option for manufacturing. Most of our fire guards are crafted from robust steel or solid brass, unless otherwise stated. Please check the weight section within each guard’s dimensions if you’re conscious of selecting a heavier duty option. 

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