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  • Flaming Success
    Flaming Success
    Whether you choose our purpose made outdoor cooking barbecue braziers, or sensational new, garden grills, you simply cannot beat the smell and taste of outdoor cooking.

Braziers, Grills & BBQs

For those out there who love a spot of outdoor cooking no matter the season or time of year, this range is the perfect one for you. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like one of our stainless-steel grills or if you’re looking for something outrageous like our pig inspired BBQ sculpture, this selection has something to suit all styles. Every piece has been crafted with a selection of high quality metals and has been specifically designed for outdoor use and cooking. Many of these designs also double up as fire pits and logs stores, keeping your entertainment stress-free and your outdoor space neat and tidy all year long.

Note that all of our burners leave us with a light oil coating and will patina and turn an orange colour with age. This aging process will not affect the integrity and durability of the metal but we do recommend giving your burner a light rub down with oil after each use.

For further advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

Fire Pit, Wood Burner & Patio Heater Placement & Maintenance

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  1. Product Information

    This stunning example of art in metal has been created by hand from iron and is an effortlessly individual outdoor feature. Abundant in character the BBQ is beautifully ornate, featuring leaf like detailing and a wonderfully unusual, spider’s web inspired design. The exquisite garden barbeque has also been adorned with a natural wood side shelf and is supplied with matching cooking tools. This outdoor cooking station with a difference can also be manoeuvred when not in use, allowing you position the BBQ within your desired location. Perfect for use when entertaining this barbeque is a real show stopper, lending a sense of drama to any occasion. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 900mm (35.4")
    Width: 1500mm (59")
    Depth: 800mm (31.5")

    Normal Price: £3,700.00

    Special Price: 2960 £2,960.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Ornate Spiders Web Design Barbequ
  2. Product Information

    The garden BBQ has been created from iron and has a matt, midnight black finish. Adorned with ornate scroll work and elegant embellishments the curved design is wonderfully decorative yet functional. The outdoor cooking station also features a handy, natural wood side shelf, perfect for housing side dishes, condiments or perhaps a well-earned drink for the chef. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 950mm (37.4")
    Width: 90mm (35.4")
    Depth: 450mm (17.7")

    Normal Price: £410.00

    Special Price: 328 £328.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN -Small Ornate Curved Top BBQ
  3. Product Information

    This simply magnificent BBQ has been hand crafted from iron and has a beautifully rustic bronze finish. Wonderfully unusual in design, inspiration for this delightful barbeque has been taken from the classic street food carts seen all around the world, serving up the tastiest cuisine to tourists and locals alike. Ornate in detail the cart like garden BBQ features two wheels for easy manoeuvring and a handy side shelf for storing all your condiments, or perhaps a bottle of the chef’s favourite tipple. With space for storage beneath the BBQ and a set of matching tools, this outdoor cooking station ensures outdoor entertaining is easy as well as stylish.

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 1720mm (67.7")
    Width: 2160mm (85")
    Depth: 760mm (29.9")

    Normal Price: £3,200.00

    Special Price: 2560 £2,560.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Large Cart Style Bronze BBQ
  4. Product Information

    Supplied with matching tools and finished in a wonderfully rustic black the BBQ has been hand made from wrought iron. 
    The cooking station also has a flat lid which can be used to store drinks or snacks on when not in use. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 780mm (30.7")
    Width: 720mm (28.4")
    Depth: 420mm (16.5")

    Normal Price: £840.00

    Special Price: 672 £672.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - BBQ Ornate Small BBQ with Tools
  5. Product Information

    Delightfully unique this beautifully ornate BBQ has a wonderfully rustic bronze finish. Crafted by hand from wrought iron the barbeque has been adorned with stylish scroll detailing and is supplied with matching cooking utensils. The base of the BBQ features ventilation holes helping to create ideal temperatures for outdoor cooking. A stunning addition to your garden or grounds the Stocknall Park barbeque is the perfect way to entertain outside in style.

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 990mm (39")
    Width: 1030mm (40.6")
    Depth: 510mm (20.1")

    Normal Price: £530.00

    Special Price: 424 £424.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Ornate Medium Sized Bronze BBQ
  6. Product Information

    Charmingly unique this garden barbeque has been hand wrought in iron. Delightful in design the BBQ has a satin black finish and has been adorned with classic scroll detailing. The outdoor cooking station features an integral flat top which can easily be lowered while grilling some tasty fish or sausages. An ideal way to whip a tasty meal for family and friends while enjoying the beauty of you garden or grounds. 

    Please note no grill is supplied with this BBQ. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 750mm (29.5")
    Width: 640mm (25.2")
    Depth: 380mm (15")

    Normal Price: £380.00

    Special Price: 304 £304.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Small Ornate Flat Top BBQ
  7. Product Information

    Inspired by the classic garden BBQ this delightful creation is a more contemporary outdoor cooking option. Made by hand from wrought iron the barbeque stands on two pairs of integral legs and has a wonderfully natural finish. Adorned with scroll detailing and a harvest of vineyard grapes the BBQ is a stylish feature piece for your garden or grounds. Simply fill the barbeque with hot coals and enjoy the beauty of outdoor cooking in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for use when entertaining or even relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 970mm (38.2")
    Width: 770mm (30.3")
    Depth: 310mm (12.2")

    Normal Price: £425.00

    Special Price: 340 £340.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Ornate Grape BBQ
  8. Product Information

    Beautifully simple in detail this classical garden barbeque has been adorned with elegant scroll work and is finished in a sleek midnight black. The BBQ has been made from wrought iron and features an integral stem that is perfect for hanging all your cooking utensils. An unrivalled example of traditional craftsmanship simply fill the barbeque with hot coals to enjoy tasty home cooked food throughout the summer season. 

    Please that this barbeque is not supplied with a grill. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 

    Normal Price: £410.00

    Special Price: 328 £328.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Ornate Black Garden BBQ
  9. Product Information

    Entirely unique in design this enchanting garden barbeque is a fabulously unusual feature for summer parties and family gatherings. The design of the barbeque has been inspired by the classic push bike and is charmingly authentic in detail from the pedals to the handle bars.
    The BBQ has a delightfully natural, storm grey finish and features two integral bottle holders, an ideal place to store a bottle of the chef’s favourite tipple. Wonderfully versatile the cooking unit can be filled with hot coals to whip up some tasty s’mores or even filled with ice cubes to create a quirky drinks cooler. 

    Please note that this barbeque is not supplied with a grill. 

    Normal Price: £2,998.99

    Special Price: 2399.19 £2,399.19

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKBIC288
    Dimensions & Specification
    1120mm (44")
    700mm (27.6")
    1600mm (6.3")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  10. Product Information

    Created by hand from iron this wonderfully ornate garden barbeque has a beautifully natural storm grey finish. Delightfully functional the outdoor cooking station features two natural wooden shelves, ensuring condiments and accompaniments are always within arm’s reach. 
    The BBQ has also been adorned with an integral bottle holder and a pair of matching cooking tools. Charmingly unique in design this entirely exclusive barbeque is an ideal way to lend the wow factor to garden parties and special occasions. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 2200mm (86.6")
    Width: 1620mm (63.8")
    Length: 750mm (29.5")

    Normal Price: £3,750.00

    Special Price: 3000 £3,000.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Large Ornate Decorative BBQ
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