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  • Opulent Design
    Opulent Design
    The magnificent cylinders of our Belgravia collection have all been made from hand blown glass.

Belgravia Collection

Our Belgravia range of cast iron lamp posts offers vintage style and outstanding craftsmanship. If you are looking for unique landscaping ideas for your garden or driveway these high-quality lamp posts offer an elegant solution. The lantern head is comprised of blown glass, and designed to give maximum surface area and light distribution. 

Suited to residential or commercial installations, our lamp posts are provided with an installation kit and fitting instructions.  

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  1. Product Information

    Our Belgravia range features a large blown glass lantern with polished brass casings. A more contemporary alternative to our Victorian lamps it adds charm and elegance to your garden pathways or driveway.

    The cast iron lamp features period styling, with original ladder bars and embossed detailing on the base. A truly unique piece.


    Product Code: LF1090/L + LF1002
    Dimensions & Specification
    3.4m (11ft 2")
    1200mm (51")
    80mm (3⅛")
    260mm (10¼") squared
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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  2. Product Information

    With a large, blown glass lantern for maximum light distribution, the Belgravia offers vintage styling and quality craftsmanship. The polished brass casings on the lamp give an eye-catching contrast to the satin black cast iron post.

    The heavy cast iron post base shows a Victorian vine relief, embossed and finished in midnight black. At the lantern base, a bulb-shaped frog collar gives the design an interesting contemporary flair.


    Product Code: LF1090/L + LF1074
    Dimensions & Specification
    3.9m (12ft 8")
    1200mm (51")
    80mm (3⅛")
    295mm (11.6") square
    Cast Aluminium Lamp Post
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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  3. Product Information

    Designed to give maximum light, the bulbous, blown glass lantern on this cast iron lamp post is durable and built to high specifications by skilled craftsmen. The lantern is the focal point of the piece, with our Victorian style lamp post completing the period styling.

    All necessary fittings and instructions are included with our lamp posts, allowing you to enjoy your stunning outdoor lighting straight away. These elegant lights make beautiful one-off additions to your garden, or are even more stunning as a driveway border, giving subtle ambience to your residential or commercial landscaping.


    Product Code: LF1090/S + LF1000
    Dimensions & Specification
    2.46m (8ft 1")
    825m (33")
    50mm (2")
    160mm (6¼") square
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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  4. Product Information

    The quality cast iron Victorian style lamp post leads the eye to the impressive, jar-shaped glass lantern head. A truly stunning example of period outdoor lighting, built with quality and durability in mind, our “Belgravia” range is the perfect solution for your garden or driveway lighting needs.

    The entire piece is made from high-grade materials by expert craftsmen. Period features throughout, including Victorian ladder bars and crown lantern finial, make this a truly stunning piece.


    Product Code: LF1090/M + LF1001
    Dimensions & Specification
    2.9m (9ft 5")
    1000mm (41")
    70mm (2.3")
    200mm (7⅞") squared
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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