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Bespoke Sculptures

Each sculpture has been hand made in the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen, ensuring an unrivalled and lasting feature for your garden or grounds.

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  1. Product Information

    This extraordinary creation is a stunning example of art in metal. The wolf sculpture has been crafted from recycled metal and is wonderfully natural in finish.

    Entirely unique in design he decoration ferocious jaws and can be seen standing triumphant after a recent victory. Truly exquisite in detail this sculpture is an unforgettable addition to any setting. 

    Normal Price: £9,950.00

    Special Price: 8457.5 £8,457.50

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Wolf Sculpture
    Dimensions & Specification
    147mm (58")
    51mm (20")
    152mm (60")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    Glass table held up by a finely detailed sculpture of pop-culture icon spider-man.

    Normal Price: £8,000.00

    Special Price: 6800 £6,800.00

    Call For Price

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: SPIDEY
  3. Product Information

    This replica scale model of ‘The Terminator’ has been hand crafted from remnants of various metals, including cogs and bolts. A true representation of quality craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, this piece even comes complete with the Terminator’s infamous gun. A completely stunning piece of memorabilia for die-hard fanatics.

    Normal Price: £7,999.00

    Special Price: 6799.15 £6,799.15

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Terminator sculpture
  4. Product Information

    This incredibly unique sculpture has taken inspiration from the infamous ‘Jurassic Park’ film franchise, and pays homage to the T-Rex bone structure found in The American Museum of Natural History. Handmade from a variety of found metals, including cogs and bolts, this sculpture combines both steampunk style and historical accuracy to create a truly unique piece of metalwork. Including an array of endless detail, and handcrafted beauty, this sculpture is a complete spectacle of craftsmanship. This piece would instantly bring a touch of the Jurassic period to your front door or grounds.

    Normal Price: £7,999.00

    Special Price: 6799.15 £6,799.15

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: "Jurassic" Dinosaur Sculpture
    Dimensions & Specification
    192cm (6ft 3”)
    (shoulders): 121cm (4ft)
    (head to the tip of the tail): 395cm (13ft)
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 190mm (7.5")
    Width: 120mm (4.7")
    Projection: 80mm (3.1")
    Weight: 350g

    Normal Price: £14.99

    Special Price: 12.74 £12.74

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Shield Wall Mounted Hook
  6. Product Information

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 2400mm (94.5")
    Width: 1600mm (63")
    Depth: 1350mm (53.1")

    Normal Price: £3,599.99

    Special Price: 3059.99 £3,059.99

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Large Outdoor Ornate BBQ
  7. Product Information

    Hand wrought in iron this delightfully unique log basket has a beautifully antique bronze finish. The robust arched log holder has been adorned with a stylish twisted handle, lending an enhanced sense of individuality to the piece. 
    A sophisticated and contemporary addition to your fire place Warnwick Towers log store will be admired by friends and family as well as keeping your home wonderfully toasty.

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 400mm (15.7")
    Width: 600mm (23.6")
    Length: 350mm (13.8")
    Weight: 1.7Kg

    Normal Price: £100.00

    Special Price: 85 £85.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Log Basket w/ twisted handle
  8. Product Information

    Simply stunning this exquisite coal bucket is entirely unique in design. 
    Created by hand from iron this fireside must have has been finished in a delightfully antique bronze. 
    Adorned with beautifully ornate scroll work and a matching scoop the coal scuttle is a charmingly decorative feature for your fire place. The scoop has an integral handle and rests on enchanting lily pad shaped stand. 
    Elegant and wonderfully original in detail the Alvastone House coal bucket lends drama and style to any room of the home. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 

    Normal Price: £249.99

    Special Price: 212.49 £212.49

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Large Ornate Ash Bucket and Scoop
  9. Product Information

    Entirely unique in design this wonderfully unusual wall light has been hand crafted from steel. Delightfully natural in finish the wall mountable lamp has space for up to two bulbs.
    Beautifully quirky the light features a pair of feet and a dragon inspired tail. A fantastic addition to both domestic and commercial settings that lends an instant sense of individual style to any room. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 630mm (24.8")
    Width: 380mm (15")
    Depth: 200mm (7.9")
    Weight: 5.6Kg

    Normal Price: £299.99

    Special Price: 254.99 £254.99

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: EDEN - Ornate Grey Double Wall Light
  10. Product Information

    Dimensions (approx) : 

    Normal Price: £1,390.00

    Special Price: 1181.5 £1,181.50

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Barbeque w/ two wooden worktops & wheels
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