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Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020
By Alice Turnbull 1 years ago 681 Views No comments

As this year has certainly been a weird one, you might be someone who thought ‘enough of that, we need some Christmas spirit early!’ and put the decorations up in November or are you someone who has to wait until 1st December as that’s the unwritten rule? Whenever you decide to put up the Christmas Decs, it is the first and most universal ways to kickstart the festive season. But why do we love this holiday season above all others? Is it the songs, the food, the gifts or is it simply just taking a long hard earned break from work and celebrating with family? Whatever the reason, the 2020 holiday season might be memorable in many other reasons than years gone by. We might be confined to a three family household rule from the 23-27 December, and we might not be able to go out to watch the pantomime, but that doesn’t stop us from having the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. So, in order to keep the children and adults occupied over the Christmas period, we have curated this fun and handy Christmas style guide which will keep the whole family occupied.

Between buying presents and making sure all the Christmas food is in the house, there never seems like enough time to decorate the home for the festive period. However, decorating doesn’t mean going crazy and covering every wall in the home. Adding a range of small and subtle decorations can really add a little holiday cheer to the home. And with everyone around, why not get the whole house involved in decorating this year? Do you normally go minimal in decorations and stick to a specific colour scheme? Try going bold and daring and really go all out with the decorations! There really is no rules this year! Just add some Christmas music and some tasty snacks and the family will have a great time putting together the Christmas tree or kitting out the home.

Start with the front door and add a festive Christmas wreath. Nothing is easier than placing a pre-made wreath on the font door or patio porch wall thanks to a wreath holder. Or if you have the time and want to get creative, how about creating your own wreath? Christmas wreaths add much needed character and festive charm to the doorway and are a wonderful insight into the decorations used indoors. Whether you are a traditionalist and stick to red's and green's or a modernist who creates wreaths out of baubles and flowers, our range of wreath holders feature unique designs which add Christmas joy!

Products pictured (left to right): Polished Brass Wreath Holder with Father Christmas and Bright Chrome Wreath Holder

Have you gone for a smaller tree this year or have you gone a little over board with the Christmas decorations and realise that you still have a good amount of ornaments leftover? Its time to create decorations that will stand out in your home. Mix and match baubles in a glass bowl and create a wonderful centrepiece or finish off your banister railing with tree foliage and lights to create a truly magical feel. Or if you are someone who loves to add subtle touches to the home with smaller interior decorations, adding candle holders and small decorations will really add that festive touch.

Products pictured (left to right clockwise) : Christmas Tree Steel Wall Art, Robin on Postbox Christmas Tree Decoration, Silver Reindeer Ornament, Set of Royal Christmas Bear Guard Ornaments

Santa is definitely going to have a tough job on his hands this year, as everyone has been super GOOD! Get the children involved and let them write letters to Santa. Start by writing down everything on a piece of paper a couple of days earlier and come back to the list every so often and cross off the items which you aren't crazy about! As Santa receives lots of letters each year, he cannot always promise he and the elves can make everything on each list. If you only have few items, he will definitely try and deliver those to you.

We've put together this handy print out letter which children can fill out and post to Santa in the North Pole.

Simply deliver to your local post office or send in one of our North Pole Mail Boxes.

Products pictured (left to right): North Pole Red Mail Box and 'Reindeer Express' Red North Pole Post Box

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