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Kitchen Essentials Style Guide

Kitchen Essentials Style Guide
By Alice Turnbull 2 years ago 1151 Views No comments

The Kitchen; the so-called heart of the home and the one area we spend most of our time, apart from the bedroom and bathroom of course. As the hub of the home, it is a great multi-purpose space - a place for house parties, romantic dinners and family breakfasts. Whatever you use this space for, the right décor style and accessories make a huge difference the feel and the mood of the room.

When updating or renovating kitchens, always keep in mind the kitchen work triangle, focusing on your sink, stove and refrigerator, as these are the items you use the most and should therefore be positioned in a clear path to each other. Before you get started, have a look around your kitchen. Is your kitchen any of the following? Overcrowded. Outdated. And has no style or colour coordination?

If you said yes to the above, you will want to keep reading as you are in need of a transformation! Adding or updating any of the following will not only add value to your home but will make your home more inviting and modern but also user-friendly and practical.

LET THERE BE LIGHT! Electrical components are a necessity when it comes to the kitchen. The kitchen is often regarded as the busiest room in terms of electrical items and is the room which requires the most power outlets. There are two types of electrical components, ones that are hidden behind large white goods like tall fridge/freezers and those that are on display. Those that are on display are typically used for everyday appliances, like your microwave, toaster, coffee machine and don't forget your mobile phone charger!

Not only should electrical components be positioned in suitable locations, keeping them uniformed throughout the kitchen, and the house, will make your interior space feel updated whilst also adding value to the overall house! Electrical components are often seen as an oversight, but this small change or update will probably be one of the most significant. If you want to go that extra step, match your appliances to the colour of your electrical components so that they blend in.

Before installing any type of electrical component, we advise seeking the advice of a local qualified electrician or tradesperson to undertake the work. That way, you can have peace of mind that the work has been done safely, lawfully and successfully!

Get the look:

Featured Products (From Left to Right Clockwise): Satin Stainless Steel 13 Amp Double Plug Socket; Matt Black 13 Amp Single Plug Socket; Black Nickel 10 Amp Triple Light Switch; Satin Stainless Steel Double Dimmer Switch

There's no such thing as too much storage space! Its one of the main things we look for in a house, but when we move in, the kitchen never seems to have enough storage space for all your pots, pans, utensils and other items. It truly is amazing how much we accumulate over the years without even realising.

Try setting aside some time to sort out your kitchen cupboards! We suggest organising them into things you use everyday and things used rarely. For those items used regularly, how about keeping them close to hand and investing in new storage solutions like a ceiling rack, mug tree or even a kitchen island?

Clearing worktops of clutter will instantly updated and improve your kitchen without costing you a penny!

Check out these smart yet simple storage solutions which make the most of lost empty spaces.

Get the look:

Featured Products (From Left to Right Clockwise): Simplistic Pan Holder and Rack, Industrial Cage Wall Baskets, Hanging Tool Rack Quincaillerie, 'Fairview Park' Red Cast Iron Mug Tree

One of the most used items in the kitchen, utensils and tools help make our cooking lives easier! Of course there are the most obvious tools such as cutlery, spatulas and pans, but how about those utensils you don’t realise you need until it is too late!? Items such as a cookbook stand for when the kitchen sides are full of flour and butter, or a cake stand when those cupcakes are made but you have no where to put them on display.

Not only are kitchen utensils and tools practical items but if you colour match to your colour scheme, they will instantly brighten your kitchen and bring a look together. In this case, less is often more!

Get the look:

Featured Products (Left to Right Clockwise): Green Cast Iron Teapot, 'Riverhill Park' White Three Tier Cake Stand, Trivet- Heavy Duty V3 Heart - Black, Cast Iron Cook Book Stand- Blue

Who said you can’t hang wall art in your kitchen? There are some great kitchen inspired prints out there which will help spark the culinary genius inside of you! If you want to add some colour to your room or simply showcase a new print you bought, we say YES! For more information about wall art, check out our Wall Art Style Guide blog post.

Get the look:

Featured Products (Left to Right Clockwise): Grow Your Own Berries Metal Sign, 'I only have a kitchen' metal sign, Sick of Cooking Metal Sign, Cupcake Metal Sign.

As we spend most of our time in the kitchen, it is also the most obvious place to mount a clock. Need to be out by 10am? No time for pancakes! Need the chicken to be in for another 45 minutes? Keep an eye on the clock for precising cooking times! Clocks are not only highly functional in the essence of time keeping, but they also add unexpected character to a kitchen and can be made into statement pieces. Decorative clocks have gained popularity in recent years and are often great when decorating hard areas as they will embellish any wall and décor style. With various shapes, sizes and design choices, there are so many to choose from!

Get the look:

Featured Products (Left to Right Clockwise): Rustic Silver Wall Clock, Traditional Glasgow Station Wall Clock with Second Hand, 'Central Perk' Love Coffee Vintage Wall Clock, Contemporary Copper Wall Clock

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