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Life in Lockdown

Life in Lockdown
By Alice Turnbull 2 years ago 6870 Views No comments

Who would have thought that as we blissfully celebrated NYE 2019, we would be plunged into a new decade with trials and tribulations which would shock not just the UK but the World. When the first lockdown was announced, the novelty of having a three weeks off work seemed ideal for some but as the boredom set in and the weeks turned into months, banana bread and Zoom meetings could no longer hold our attention.

But as we turn from summer to winter, the ‘new normal’ of yet another lockdown is upon us. In order to keep morale high and maintain your wellbeing; sleeping, eating, exercise and routine is a must. For many this year, we have spent more time in our homes that out of them and you may be wondering how to keep yourself occupied as we fall into another lockdown for several weeks. Seeing as you are home already and confined to four walls, why don’t you give your home some attention? In a ‘normal’ year we would often put off household DIY chores as we don’t have the time and therefore neglect key parts of the home which can really turn a house into a home. But, not to worry if you are running low on inspiration, a quick browse our website and Instagram will really help get the creative juices flowing… or just read our quick tips below:

Gone are the days of commuting to and from the office and with the help of technology, virtual communication has made working from home flexible and easy. However, one fact about the modern workspace is that you have to have a dedicated area within your home so you can concentrate, work efficiently and be creative. So, as we find ourselves being shut out of the office, new random corners of the home have been transformed from dark dingy spaces to bright airy home schooling desks and work offices. Need some help and inspiration, check out these desk spaces!

Products pictured from left to right: Contemporary Round Copper Chair, Contemporary Side Table & Drawer , 'The Attingham' Iron & Buffalo Leather Dining Chair

Lighting fixtures are an essential component in every day life, not only do they transform rooms from boring to stylish, but by adding light it can improve brain functionality and productivity, perfect when working from home. Pendant hanging lights are ideal for task lighting, simply place one above desks, dining tables or kitchen islands, leaving approximately 28 inches of space between the light fixture and the furniture surface. The fixture should provide ample amounts of light to illuminate the entire area, from corner to corner. If you have a larger space, just add more pendant hanging lights! How you light your room and what fixtures you choose, directly showcases your taste, personality, and style and also looks great on Instagram photographs! So why not upgrade your lighting fixtures today and add those much needed finishing touches this lockdown period. Stuck on styles? We have a brand new range of hanging pendant lights for you to choose from!

Products pictured from left to right: Wide White Steel Bowl Hanging Light, Hammered Brass Trio Hanging Lights, Antique Brass Ridged Glass Hanging Light

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your home. Perhaps you feel lonely or bored or frustrated? Whatever the feeling, make sure you take a little bit of me time. To keep your mental wellbeing healthy, ask for help and support and take time to do the things you enjoy.

1. Don’t stay glued to the news! Try to limit the time you spend in front of the television or on social media. Pick up an old-fashioned hardback book or listen to that album you love.

2. Carry on doing the things you enjoy. If you feel worried or anxious, keep doing the things that you enjoy. Make every effort to focus on your hobby or find a new one that you enjoy; painting, reading, jigsaws etc. If you cannot think of something try learning something new by taking some online courses and tutorials. Whatever you do, make sure you have a cup of tea with you.

3. Take time to relax. As we go into a second lockdown and the presence of not knowing what is going to happen, it is often difficult to understand our emotions and levels of anxiety can escalate. Try some relaxation techniques like mindful breathing or taking a relaxing bath.

Products pictured from left to right: Wood & Metal Retro Filing Cabinet with Drawers, Green Cast Iron Teapot, Antique Brass Wall Shelf with Hooks

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