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Brush and Shovel Sets

Fireplace brush and pan sets are the perfect complement to the more compact fireside and ideal for where space is limited.

Available in a wide variety of designs and finishes, whether your home has a traditional fireplace or a more contemporary setting. We have painstakingly crafted each piece within our wonderfully varied collection of fireside ware and pride ourselves on the ability to change the style or character of a set simply by updating the finish.

An unrivalled and traditional feel can easily be achieved by using mellow brass with an antique finish, and yet can be instantly transformed when the same design is finished in a polished, contemporary chrome.

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  1. Product Information

    Black nickel pan and brush set with plain nickel handle.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 110mm (4")
    Width: 135mm (5")
    Lenght: 380mm (15")

    Normal Price: £25.00

    Spring Sale Price: 16.25 £16.25

    Product Code: FG1048
  2. Product Information

    The addition of elegant loop handles helps to transform this classical fireside set in to a wonderfully understated example of modern design. The brush and pan set features stylish pewter detailing which offers a beautiful contrast to the midnight black finish.


    Product Code: UKMN022
    Made/prepared to order approximately 1-2 week lead time
    Dimensions & Specification
    36cm (14”)
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    This wonderfully modern brush and pan set has an elegant polished pewter finish which highlights the sleek silhouette of the cylinder shaped handles. The tools are housed in a free standing bracket giving this fireside classic a modern twist.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height 36cm (14”)


    Product Code: UKMN021
    Made/prepared to order approximately 1-2 week lead time
  4. Product Information

    This hand crafted fireside brush has an elegant and contemporary pewter finish.
    With a midnight black handle and bristles the Hayford brush is a delightful addition to your fireside. 
    Wonderfully modern in design this brush is an ideal way to keep your fireplace clean, free from debris and ash. 

    Dimensions (approx) :
    Height: 290mm (11.4")
    Width: 155mm (6.1")
    Weight: 380g


    Product Code: FG1100
  5. Product Information

    Contemporary and chic this exquisite pewter coal shovel and brush set is effortlessly elegant. Simple and understated, the set is a stylish way to ensure your hearth remains clean and tidy. Sitting comfortably together, or hung by the fireside by their integral chrome handles, the Grecian fireplace tools lend character and charm to any setting.


    Product Code: FG1042
    Dimensions & Specification
    110mm (4⅓")
    130mm (5⅛")
    360mm (14⅛")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
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5 Item(s)

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