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Cast Bronze Statues


This collection is home to some of the most exquisitely detailed examples of art in metal. Each of the traditionally cast bronze statues has been finished by hand and mounted on to base of beautifully natural marble or granite.

Inspiration for this exclusive range of interior ornaments is taken from all walks of life, including the joy of the everyday, through to the wonder of the mythical and legendary. We have breathed new life in traditional past times and captured cherubs in all their celestial splendour.

Whether you are looking for something for the home or a wonderfully unique and thoughtful gift, this selection really does have something to suit every style. Lavishly created from solid bronze they lend both character and charm to any setting.

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  • £289.99

  • Wild Mountain Cat Ornament

    Wild Mountain Cat Ornament

    Part Number: UKWWR088/BRZ


  • £199.99

  • “Entwined” Candle Stick Pair

    “Entwined” Candle Stick Pair

    Part Number: UKWWR090/BRZ


  • "Anverford" Bronze Gentleman Statue

    "Anverford" Bronze Gentleman Statue

    Part Number: UKWWR002/BRZ


  • £274.99

  • "Alhera " Bronze Goddess Sculpture

    "Alhera " Bronze Goddess Sculpture

    Part Number: UKWWR091/BRZ

  • "Evelyn Rose" Bronze Sculpture

    "Evelyn Rose" Bronze Sculpture

    Part Number: UKWWR003/BRZ


  • "Garsford Rounds" Bronze Golfer Statue

    "Garsford Rounds" Bronze Golfer Statue

    Part Number: UKWWR092/BRZ


Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 30 of 108 total

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