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Copper Homeware Products

Our copper homeware collection is created in high grade materials, bringing real charm and a taste of hot sun and exotic spices to any environment that needs an infusion of designer character.

With a mixture of old original design and new modern expectation, we have been able to carefully modify and bring a new contemporary edge, to this wonderfully splendid range.

Please note all of these lovely items are hand made in copper and are not all lined with steel, therefore, unless they are lined ( like the Turkish coffee maker) we do not recommend that they are used for any culinary purpose, including cooking or serving food, however they will hold water, for the feeding of flowers and plants.

For further advice and inspiration please see our customer feedback.

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  • Copper Measuring Beakers

    Copper Measuring Beakers

    Part Number: CW044

    Normal Price: £39.99

    Special Price: £33.99

    Free Next Day Delivery
  • £24.99

  • Normal Price: £19.99

    Special Price: £16.99

    Free Delivery
  • "Brass Neck Tie" Copper Vase

    "Brass Neck Tie" Copper Vase

    Part Number: CW012


  • Watering Can hydrant style

    Watering Can hydrant style

    Part Number: CW021.


  • Copper Pot

    Copper Pot

    Part Number: CW022.

    Normal Price: £69.99

    Special Price: £59.49

  • £59.99

  • Call For Price

  • Small Copper Pot / Dish

    Small Copper Pot / Dish

    Part Number: CW007-a


  • Copper “pot bellied” Pot

    Copper “pot bellied” Pot

    Part Number: CW008/M/L-a


  • Copper Wall hanging pan set

    Copper Wall hanging pan set

    Part Number: CW016-a


  • £43.99

  • £49.99

  • Copper Watering Can

    Copper Watering Can

    Part Number: CW031


  • Copper Trough

    Copper Trough

    Part Number: CW032

    Call For Price

  • £19.99

  • £19.99

  • £19.99

  • £19.99

  • £19.99

  • £39.99

  • £37.99

  • Copper Mini milk churn

    Copper Mini milk churn

    Part Number: CW009-a


  • Copper jug (4½ Pint)

    Copper jug (4½ Pint)

    Part Number: CW013-a


Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 30 of 37 total

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