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Wildlife & Farm Animal

Our farm animal sculptures range from the adorable to the simply magnificent. With feature pieces including delightfully decorative ducks, as well as a skilfully crafted and life like horse statues, there is sure to be someone that takes your fancy.

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  1. Product Information

    Add some playful fun to your planters or the edge of your pond with this adorable frog on a lily pad ornament. Simply drive the spike into soft land and admire your cheerful new feature. Sheet metal has been used to create this wide mouthed frog and the reeds that he sits in. A great addition to any outdoor space.

    Normal Price: £19.00

    Sale Price: 17.1 £17.10

    Product Code: UKAL015
    Made/prepared to order approximately 5-10 working days
    Dimensions & Specification
    760mm (29.9")
    360mm (14.2")
    150mm (5.9")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    Add a sense of fun to your garden or outdoor space with this bright and cheerful frog sculpture. Sheet metal and glass beads have been used to make this cartoonish froggy that you can plant in your flowerbeds or lawn space using its integral spike. The flower detailing and teeny webbed feet give this item a unique, playful look that younger visitors will love.

    Normal Price: £20.99

    Sale Price: 17.84 £17.84

    Product Code: UKDI2660
    Dimensions & Specification
    750mm (29.5")
    140mm (5.5")
    200mm (7.9")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    A true one-of-a-kind collection of sculptures, this highly detailed set features three shark-inspired pieces crafted from a combination of recycled car tyres and steel. Taking inspiration from one of the ocean’s most revered and well-known creatures - the Great White Shark - these incredible sculptures have been completely handcrafted by a local artist using a variety of rubber tyre strips. Each strip forms an integral part of the sharks’ framework, creating the smooth effect of natural shark skin whilst perfectly highlighting the life-like detail of fins, eyes, and teeth. Each mounted onto their own integral steel pole and stand designed to take on the appearance of lapping ocean waves, these unique sculptures are ready to be placed within your chosen outdoor or indoor setting. This set is entirely unique and would make the perfect addition to any sculpture lover’s collection, where they will add unrivalled atmosphere for many years to come.

    As these items are predominantly crafted from recycled rubber tyres, they will require very little maintenance if placed within an outdoor setting. However, steel weathering may occur over time as the item is exposed to wind, rain, and other natural elements. Please see our product maintenance guides to help you protect your product.

    Normal Price: £3,630.00

    Sale Price: 3267 £3,267.00

    Product Code: OR398/SET
  4. Product Information

    Created out of cast resin and finished in an aged bronze finish.

    Normal Price: £203.99

    Sale Price: 183.59 £183.59

    Product Code: UKHNG199
    Made/prepared to order approximately 3-5 week lead time
    Dimensions & Specification
    530mm (20.9")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    Bring character and relaxation to your garden in equal measure with this unusual yoga-inspired sculpture. As a charming frog, he’ll be right at home near a garden pond or water feature, but his quirky features and playful tranquillity make this amphibian suited to all outdoor areas. Plus, the in-built stand helps to balance the weight and keep his posture upright no matter the weather!


    Product Code: UKFOU406
    Dimensions & Specification
    600mm (23.6")
    180mm (7.1")
    110mm (4.3")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  6. Product Information

    Truly regal, this marvellously stout toad sculpture would look perfect placed near a water feature, ready to survey his new pond kingdom. Crafted from cast aluminium, this garden ornament features hand etched detailing and has been finished in a deep burnished bronze. Perfect for those gardens seeking a subtle touch of nature. 

    Normal Price: £185.99

    Sale Price: 167.39 £167.39

    Product Code: UKHNG044
    Made/prepared to order approximately 3-5 week lead time
    Dimensions & Specification
    240mm (9.5")
    340mm (13.4")
    340mm (13.4")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  7. Product Information

    Made from cast iron and finished in an authentic rustic brown, this charming frog sculpture would look great stood on a luscious green lawn among flowers and other foliage. Featuring charming detailing from its toes to its wide eyes, this frog would add a subtle touch of nature to your garden.


    Product Code: OR287
    Dimensions & Specification
    191mm (7.5")
    240mm (9.5")
    270mm (10.6")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  8. Product Information

    This baby squirrel is holding on tightly to his prize! A little brown nut he has foraged from the garden. Place this sweet sheet metal sculpture out on the bird table or in amongst your pots on the patio to create a lovely autumnal scene.  His burnt orange fur has been hand-painted with flecks of dark brown to give it life-like texture. A lovely addition to your garden or outdoor space.


    Product Code: UKFOU1082
  9. Product Information

    Add some autumnal vibes to your garden or outdoor space with this adorable sheet metal squirrel sculpture. This mama squirrel’s burnt orange coat and curious expression have been hand-painted to give her life-like texture and charm. Stand this ornament on the garden wall or on the patio amongst your pots so she can forage in the leaves for seeds and nuts to stash away.


    Product Code: UKFOU1083
  10. Product Information

    Created from cast aluminium and finished in an aged bronze finish, this delightful fish sculpture would look ideal next to ponds, lakes and fountains in gardens and grounds.  Featuring the image of four salmon jumping from the wake in the water, it also mimics the different stages of movement for a single salmon fighting against the water current.


    Product Code: UKHNG188
    Dimensions & Specification
    1040mm (41")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
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