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Fireplace Accessories

There can be nothing more welcoming that the heart-warming crackle of a log fire & within our collection, we have all you need to maintain and make the most of your fireplace. 

Made using only the very best of materials this diverse range is bursting with period charm, contemporary design and quirky character. Whatever your style or décor we have just the thing the complement your home this season. From log storage solutions to simple yet essential brush and pans sets you’ll be spoilt for choice this winter.

For those looking for a more traditional touch we have created classical bellows to keep your open fire roaring hot all evening. We also offer a wide range of colour finishes, ensuring your new hearth accessory is as you unique as your home.

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  1. Product Information

    The Dynasty is our original ‘best seller’. Four fold in design with a robust wrought iron frame and protective mesh. Each pane is complete with solid brass detailing and stands at just over 24 inches tall.

    Normal Price: £49.99

    Special Price: £39.99

    Product Code: FG1056
    Dimensions & Specification
    622mm (24½")
    851mm (33½")
    203mm (8") each
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    This classical companion set has been traditionally crafted from robust iron and is an elegant addition to your fireside. The Burton design is the epitome of understated charm, with sleek lines and black satin cylindrical handles adorned with polished brass trimmings and carry loop. This is one of our taller fireplace sets standing at 26" tall on a black satin iron base, the longer length tools help to ensure a safe distance from the crackling logs and flames. 

    Normal Price: £64.99

    Special Price: £51.99

    Product Code: FG1037
    Dimensions & Specification
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    The Regency design is a slim and elegant set which reflects the delicacy and detail of the regency period. Slender barrel handles finish in a smooth nickel ball which is topped with a circle finial.
    The limbs and tool ends are finished in a black iron finish. Despite its willowy slenderness it is as robust as you would expect from any of our other fireplace sets and will give many years of service.

    Key Features:

    • Created from robust iron with elegant nickel detailing.
    • One of our most popular designs, with a weight of more than 4kg.
    • Powder coated finish to ensure a lifetime of service. 

    Normal Price: £74.99

    Special Price: £59.99

    Product Code: FG1038
    Dimensions & Specification
    660mm (26")
    183mm (7.2")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    Traditionally crafted from iron and finished in a sleek black, this fireside companion set is a simple yet stylish addition to your hearth. Each fireplace tool is hand turned to create elegant detailing and fits snugly in to the matching stand. The tongs feature an integral clip to ensure storage is easy and safe. Similarly the brush has been fitted with coconut coir bristle for efficient cleaning. 

    Normal Price: £34.99

    Special Price: £27.99

    Pre-order for delivery in 19 weeks

    Product Code: FG1039
    Dimensions & Specification
    415mm (16")
    120mm (4½")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    The Malvern design takes inspiration from the traditions of the rolling Malvern Hills with its elegant shepherds crook like handles. The fireplace tools have been wrought from robust iron and finished in a classic black. The long length set ensures maintaining a welcoming and warming fire is both safe and stylish. 

    Key Features:

    • Robust wrought iron handles, hand crafted and shaped.
    • Heavy duty, weighing more than 4kg.
    • Powder coated in sleek midnight black for durability. 


      Normal Price: £59.99

      Special Price: £47.99

      Product Code: FG1040
      Dimensions & Specification
      610mm (24")
      *All dimensions are approximate.
    • Product Information

      Consisting of a leather flexible air chamber that contracts and expands by pumping the hand waxed hardwood handles, these bellows are the perfect addition to your hearth. By providing a constant stream of air through the solid brass nozzle, you can start or keep your fire going with ease. Made of hardwood and accented with leather with brass rivets, they can be hung from leather straps provided.

      Normal Price: £59.99

      Special Price: £47.99

      Product Code: FG1081
      Dimensions & Specification
      457mm (18”)
      215mm (9”)
      50mm (2”)
      *All dimensions are approximate.
    • Product Information

      Delightful hand shaped and beaten Coven Antique Bronze Finish Cast Iron Coal Scuttle with Shovel. This large sized coal bucket has a built-in holster to hold a cast iron and hard wood handled coal shovel. This is our premier coal scuttle, and with the shovel included is a real bargain.

      Normal Price: £89.99

      Special Price: £71.99

      Product Code: FG1086
      Dimensions & Specification
      • Bucket
      • Shovel
      340mm (13.5")
      315mm (12")
      89mm (4")
      *All dimensions are approximate.
    • Product Information

      Modern and understated, this stylish Modern Black and Chrome Brush and Pan Set has just a touch of chrome on its integral hanging loops to catch the eye. Can be free standing on its own, or hung in the fireplace if space is limited.

      Dimensions Approx:
      Height: 102mm (4")
      Width: 349mm (13¾")
      Depth: 127mm (5")
      Weight: 800g 

      Normal Price: £23.99

      Special Price: £19.19

      Product Code: FG1088
    • Product Information

      Our Nordic log basket is undeniably one of our most popular designs combining fuel storage with fireplace tools. The companion set and store is hand made in wrought iron for durability and finished in an elegant midnight black. With simple, clean lines, it has four robust tools hanging either side to make looking after you fire a pleasure rather than a chore.

      Key Features:

      • Heavy duty, weighing more than 6kg.
      • Multifunctional, holding both logs and fireplace tools.
      • Open design allows air to circulate. 

      Normal Price: £109.99

      Special Price: £87.99

      Product Code: FG1095
      Dimensions & Specification
      610mm (24")
      510mm (20") (hook top to hook tip)
      300mm (11¾")
      *All dimensions are approximate.
    • Product Information

      This effortlessly simple log basket sits on four small, shaped feet and is hand made in high grade brass. The log holder is finished in midnight black satin, lending charm and character to your fireside.

      Dimensions approx:

      Depth: 395mm (15½’’)
      Width: 480mm (19’’)
      Height: 430mm (17’’)

      Normal Price: £40.00

      Special Price: £32.00

      Product Code: FG1123/BLK
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