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Fireplace Accessories

  • Hearth and Home
    Hearth and Home
    There can be nothing more welcoming that the heart-warming crackle of a log fire & within our collection, we have all you need to maintain and make the most of your fireplace.
  • Warmest Winter Welcome
    Warmest Winter Welcome
    Log holders & coal buckets ensure your supply of kindling is always close to hand, while our elegant companion sets make easy work of clearing.

Made using only the very best of materials this diverse range is bursting with period charm, contemporary design and quirky character. Whatever your style or décor we have just the thing the complement your home this season. From log storage solutions to simple yet essential brush and pans sets you’ll be spoilt for choice this winter.

For those looking for a more traditional touch we have created classical bellows to keep your open fire roaring hot all evening. We also offer a wide range of colour finishes, ensuring your new hearth accessory is as you unique as your home.

For an insight in to the inspiration and history behind our range click here.

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  1. Modern Black and Chrome Brush and Pan Set

    Normal Price: £23.99

    Special Price: £20.39

    Part Number: FG1088

    Modern and understated, this stylish Modern Black and Chrome Brush and Pan Set has just a touch of chrome on its integral hanging loops to catch the eye. Can be free standing on its own, or hung in the fireplace if space is limited.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 102mm (4")
    Width: 349mm (13¾")
    Depth: 127mm (5")
    Weight: 800g 

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  2. Small Sherwood Knot Iron Log Basket

    Normal Price: £84.99

    Special Price: £72.24

    Part Number: FG300/S

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 365mm (14.4")
    Top Diameter: 360mm (14.1")
    Base Diameter: 190mm (7.5")
    Distance between the feet: 285mm (11.2")
    Weight: 8.3kg

    The definitive fireside accessory this elegant log basket is robust in design and has been powder coated in midnight black for ensured durability. Created from wrought iron the log store has been adorned with hand crafted knot detailing, this beautifully classical decoration is crafted from twisted iron, creating something unique yet stylish.

    Abundant in traditional charm the log holder is wonderfully open in design, allowing the air to circulate around your logs keeping them dry and ready to use. An enchanting addition to your fireplace the Sherwood log basket is the perfect way to keep your winter fire well stocked and effortlessly welcoming.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  3. Sherwood Iron Log Basket

    Normal Price: £169.99

    Special Price: £144.49

    Part Number: FG300/L

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 540mm
    Width: 460mm
    Depth: 380mm
    Weight: 15.4kg

    Simply stunning the Sherwood log basket is a true mark of quality, hand crafted from wrought iron and powder coated in a sleek midnight black, the log store is unrivalled in design and durability. Abundant in classical charm the log holder features knot detailing and a pair of integral loop handles for easy manoeuvring.

    The unusually deep yet open design of the log basket is perfectly practical, removing the need to step outside in to the cold winter air to collect more logs, as well as keeping your seasoned supply dry and fresh. An elegant addition to your fireplace, the traditional yet robust log basket is an essential feature for all open fires this season.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  4. Buckley Log Basket

    Normal Price: £40.00

    Special Price: £34.00

    Part Number: FG1123/BLK

    This effortlessly simple log basket sits on four small, shaped feet and is hand made in high grade brass. The log holder is finished in midnight black satin, lending charm and character to your fireside.

    Dimensions approx:

    Depth: 395mm (15½’’)
    Width: 480mm (19’’)
    Height: 430mm (17’’)

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  5. Comtesse Thalasso Fire Guard (XI)


    Part Number: FG1148/BLK

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 695mm (27⅓")
    Width: (Overall): 1055mm (41½")
    Centre screen width (inc. hinges): 650mm (25½")
    Weight: 22.5kg

    This robust design is made in wrought iron and is exquisitely baroque in design and detail. The front screen is split in to two doors, allowing you to maintain and feed the flames with ease. A truly spectacular piece, this fireguard dresses any fireplace with opulence as well as helping to protect the hearth and floors from spitting ash. 

  6. “Two’s Company” Vintage Fire Guard

    Normal Price: £74.99

    Special Price: £63.74

    Part Number: UKDI054/BLK

    Made to Order - 1-2 Week lead time

    A vintage favourite, a hand shaped urn at the base of each panel sets the stage for an elaborate flourish of fronds and ferns, adorned with two love birds.  The fine black mesh perfectly highlights the exquisite detailing as well as preventing spitting sparks from causing damage to floors or carpets.

    The warm glow from a fire is the perfect backdrop to bring this guard’s stunning design to life. 

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 851mm (33½")
    Central panel width: 703mm (27⅔")
    Side panel width: 292mm (11½")
    Weight: 4.42kg

  7. "The Grand Apollo" Companion Set and Coal holder

    Normal Price: £104.99

    Special Price: £89.24

    3 remaining available

    Part Number: FG1168/BLK/SS

    This stunning and extremely stylish, fireside companion set, is a real head turner. From its iconic styling, and two tone finish, it’s just splendid.

    The tall cylindrical, hod created in steel and finished in black, will hold plenty of coal, whilst the smart chromed tools are each suspended from neat little chromed hooks placed around the matching band on the rim.

    Four square chrome finish shoulders and matching chrome rim give the Grand Apollo, its distinctive and classic look.

    A real winner in the style stakes

    Dimensions Approx.
    Width: 440mm (17¼)
    Height: 560mm (22")
    Utensil Length: 534mm (21")

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  8. Hinswick Victorian Black Iron and Nickle Coal Buckets

    Normal Price: £44.99

    Special Price: £38.24

    Part Number: FG1058

    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large


    Height (to top of handle): 340mm (13.3”)
    Handle to handle width: 235mm (9¼")
    Lip to edge width: 286mm (11¼")
    Weight: 1.3Kg

    This Victorian coal bucket is sturdy, but utterly practical too. Its deep sides and sloping front make it ideal for safely loading and topping up your real fire. 

    This can also be used for your smaller logs and fire lighters.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  9. Simple Hook End Black Companion Set

    Normal Price: £49.99

    Special Price: £42.49

    Part Number: UKMN014

    Made to Order - 1-2 Week lead time

    Each of the four fireside tools feature hook end handles which can be used for storing on the bar like stand when not in use. The companion set offers a beautiful blend of subtle modernity and classical styling. The design is simple in detail and as such is an elegant way to clean and maintain your fireplace.

    Dimensions Approx:
    Height: 54cm (21”)

  10. Dove Grey Wicker Log Basket with Chrome Handles

    Normal Price: £61.99

    Special Price: £52.69

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: UKMN271

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 35cm
    Width: 56cm
    Depth: 45cm

    A contemporary take on a fireside classic, this wicker log basket has been given a modern grey finish and elegant chromed handles creating a stylish storage solution for your fireplace. The open weave of the wicker allows the air to circulate around the logs, ensuring they remain dry and ready for use.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
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