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Care & Maintenance

All our products are made from the highest quality materials, of course any item placed and used outside will require some annual care and maintenance. To help you make the most of your furniture, ornaments, sculpture or gardenware we have put together some guidance and advice for each of the materials used. 


Cast iron is one of the most timeless materials, used to create some of our furniture sets, boot scrapers and so many other popular items. To care for your garden ironwork, we suggest an annual re-painting in a metal paint of your choosing. Left un-treated iron will weather down to gain a beautifully aged patina.

Iron is incredibly robust and does not corrode, however it can be prone to cracking if dropped or hit with force when mowing lawn for example.

Please note all furniture is finished and dispatched in a primer only unless otherwise stated. 

To protect against the elements and general use it is imperative that the piece is painted in full. Should you require any advice as to which type of paint would be best please contact the sales team.


Aluminium requires little maintenance as it does not rust in the same way as other metals. The painted finish of aluminium however will still need to be refreshed on annual basis.

During poor weather conditions, we do recommend covering you garden metalwork or bringing it inside. Should you experience heavy rainfall a staining known as French bleed can occur at the fixing points or around the bolted areas, this is simply a discolouring of the metal.

This can happen the first time the piece gets wet but will normally not deteriorate any further. To treat simply remove any surface rust with a gentle sanding and apply a coat of recommended paint.


Wooden bench slats or similar gardenware does require some TLC over time. We recommend sanding down and re-varnishing the wooden aspects of an item on annual basis to better protect to wood itself.

We also advise bringing wooden items inside and storing in a garage or similar during the winter months to avoid over exposure to harsh weather. A waterproof cover would also be recommended.

Other Metals

Many of other items are made from additional materials from brass to steel and recycled metals, care advice for these items can often be found within the product details. Failing this we would normally advise an annual re-lacquering or painting for any outdoor metalwork. 

To keep your wind spinner maintained, please spray reguraly with WD40.

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