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High Mast Lighting

We specialise in high mast lamp posts which are in keeping with traditional Victorian design, where the use of steel, modern lighting masts would be inappropriate or not permitted. Black Country Metal works has been supplying high mast commercial lighting for generations. We have in-depth experience in the manufacturing requirements for many different applications and our extended range of lighting is tried and tested, with years of careful refinement which has enabled us to offer a superior build specification, using traditional tools and manufacturing techniques.

General applications include:

Commercial car parks including pubs, restaurants and bars

To replace traditional street lighting where appropriate

The grounds of traditional estate and abbey properties

The range we supply is fully customisable, from the overall height, material specification and light output. All masts are available in either cast iron or aluminium, with a range of different light outputs and fitments from sodium to Edison screw fix. Please contact us for more information on building the final product to your design or project requirement. We recommend all high mast lighting must be installed by qualified trade’s people.

For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

Lamp Post Installation & General Lighting Maintenance

Lamp Post & Lantern Inspiration

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