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  1. Product Information

    On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me five GOLD (brass) rings, in the mouth of a lion door knocker. 

    The majestic king of the jungle holds the smooth brass ring in his jaws, with a solid striker plate provided to protect the door and give a satisfyingly loud knock. Add some drama and grandeur to your front door with this truly imposing and detailed piece.

    Alternatively, why not use the knocker as an distinctive and robust bathroom towel loop.

    Supplied with easy to use fixing kit with all necessary fittings and instructions. Suitable for use on wooden and UPVC doors.

    Normal Price: £70.00

    Special Price: 56 £56.00

    Product Code: DK009/PBL
    Dimensions & Specification
    254mm (10")
    127mm (5")
    76mm (3")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    Finished in a polished brass, this doorknob mirrors the classic shape of a beehive. With its golden colouring and smooth ridges, this doorknob would add a wonderfully contemporary touch to any door. This doorknob comes complete with back plate in a matching finish, spindle, and all necessary fixings.

    Normal Price: £25.00

    Special Price: 20 £20.00

    3 remaining available

    Product Code: DC007/PBL
    Dimensions & Specification
    76mm (3")
    48mm (1⅞")
    58mm (2¼")
    680g (set)
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    Round Knob Brushed Nickel design (colours may vary to that shown) supplied complete with fixings. Available in 50mm diameter only. Supplied as a pair.

    Normal Price: £22.99

    Special Price: 18.39 £18.39

    Product Code: DC001/SS/0050
    Dimensions & Specification
    • 50mm
    • 60mm
    50mm (2")
    60mm (2½")
    58mm (2¼")
    60mm (2⅜")
    64mm (2½")
    58mm (2¼")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    Depicting an image as if frozen in time, this beautiful sculpture will certainly spark some conversation with your visitors! Featuring three antelopes mid-leap as they jump from the ravenous jaws of a cheetah, this piece is simply bursting with action. This sculpture has been hand crafted from recycled sheet metal and finished in a natural rustic brown.From the expressions on the antelope’s faces to the individual metal hairs speckling the cheetah’s back, the details presented in this piece are delicate, beautiful, and life-like. Turn your outdoor space into a scene from an African safari in minutes with this entirely unique piece.


    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKJUA063
    Dimensions & Specification
    1854mm (73")
    686mm (27")
    838mm (33")
    2887mm (118")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    Made from sheet metal and hand painted with a rustic finish, this seagull sculpture is perfect for those who live by the coast or for those who want to add some fun and quirkiness to their garden. Mimicking their iconic colouring, this seagull has been painted in grey and white with long pink legs which will add character to any exterior space.

    Normal Price: £40.00

    Special Price: 33.6 £33.60

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKTF033
  6. Product Information

    Effortlessly magnificent in design this piece is entirely unique and has been crafted from welded patchwork iron. The garden sculpture takes the form of a family of cheetahs, embodying the power and elegance of the animal. The group of cheetahs have been captured leaping, mid run and look simply perfect placed over a low fence, very much like our own. The skilled craftsman has been able to capture the cheetahs expression which adds character to the sculpture. Close up of Cheetahs

    This sculpture would make a find addition to your garden or grounds. 


    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKJUA004
    Dimensions & Specification
    1803mm (71")
    584mm (23")
    3404mm (134")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  7. Product Information

    Inspired by the wild Hyenas of Africa this sculpture has been hand crafted from sheet steel. With a raw, natural finish this sculpture embodies the power and intelligence of the hyena. In the wild hyenas are skilled hunters with spotted hyenas killing over 95% of their food. 

    Up Close Hyena

    Our Havelock Hyena is delightfully tame in comparison and is simply bursting with character. The sculpture is an enchanting outdoor feature that will be a charming focal point for your garden or grounds. 


    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKJUA029
    Dimensions & Specification
    1450mm (57.1")
    350mm (13.8")
    1200mm (47")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  8. Product Information

    This stunning sculpture has been made in welded pieces of patchwork iron and has a delightfully raw and natural finish. 

    Close up of Cheetah

    Inspired by the cheetahs of Asia the three young wild cats can be seen leaping and sprinting while on the hunt. The cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth reaching speeds of over 70mph over short distances. The sculptures feature characteristically long tails and beautifully detailed faces. An entirely unique edition to your garden or grounds, the sculptures are also perfect for creating the wow factor in commercial settings.

    Normal Price: £5,999.00

    Special Price: 5099.15 £5,099.15

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: Milani Pride Leaping Cheetah Sculpture
    Dimensions & Specification
    2057mm (81")
    572mm (22.5")
    2692mm (106")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  9. Product Information

    This fireguard can be Made to Measure. For more Information please give our sales team a call on 0800 6888386.


    Product Code: UKMN473
    Dimensions & Specification
    1220mm (48") - 1520mm (59.8")
    300mm (11.8")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  10. Product Information

    This fender can be Made to Measure. For more information please give our sales team a call on 0800 6888386.


    Product Code: UKMN443
    Dimensions & Specification
    915mm - 1220mm
    305mm (12")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
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