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Sundials and Armillary Spheres

Sundials were used to tell the time in the days before clocks and watches. Nowadays they make lovely garden decorations. We have many designs available, whether you are looking for a traditional and modern sundial. Based in Shropshire, UK often have sundials for sale in our showroom, while our full range is shown here.

Like a sundial, an armillary sphere is an ancient way of monitoring the movement of celestial objects. An armillary typically has the earth at the centre with hoops and bands around it representing the cycles of the heavens. They are ideal as a focal point in the garden and suited to both formal and natural planting schemes.

For ornamental use only.

For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

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  1. Product Information

    Normal Price: £20.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 16.79 £16.79

    Product Code: HS104/PBL
    Dimensions & Specification
    120mm (4¾")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    The stylish Verdigris Square shaped Tempus Fugit Sundial.
    The hours are shown in Roman numerals.
    Made from Solid Polished Brass with a Verdigee infill that are both unusual and timeless.
    The Tempus Fugit style is shown as a modern looking Square designed Sundial, can be used on a plinth or on the wall.
    It will blend delightfully into any Garden environment, whether contemporary, ultra modern, or period.
    All Sundials are designed to with stand the rigours of outdoor weather.
    They are guaranteed to add the "Wow" factor to your new Sundial

    Price is for sundial only! Click here to purchase your sundial column.

    Normal Price: £29.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 23.99 £23.99

    Product Code: HS014/A
    Dimensions & Specification
    125mm (5")
    200mm (7¾")
    200mm (7¾")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    Here at Black Country Metal Works, this is our personal favourite. It is more expensive than other options we offer, but its visually impactful quality and craftsmanship is second to none. The main band has being carefully engraved to show traditional Roman numerals and the brass rings have been notched and patterned to include all the time lines. Everyone who has purchased this armillary has been completely delighted with it!

    “This Armillary has my personal stamp of approval and I hope you find it to be as stunning as I’ve promised" - Clive Knowles, Managing director

    Please not that this column must be purchased separately.  Click here to view our range of columns.

    Normal Price: £220.00

    January Sale (ending soon!): 176 £176.00

    Product Code: HS079/PBL
    Dimensions & Specification
    570mm (24½")
    490mm (19½’’)
    150mm (6")
    790mm (31⅛")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    Simply stunning this classical garden armillary has been finished in a wonderful antique silver. Exquisite in detail the armillary sundial features charmingly traditional roman numerals, each of which has been engraved by hand and highlighted with a midnight black infill. A majestic feature for any outdoor space armillaries are a delightfully historic form of telling the time, similar to a sundials this is done using the shadows created by the sun. Beautifully unique the more contemporary silver finish of the piece lends an enchanting sense of individuality to your garden or grounds.

    Normal Price: £169.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 135.99 £135.99

    Product Code: HS045/AS
    Dimensions & Specification
    (to top of globe): 368mm (14½")
    (arrow): 533mm (21")
    (globe): 297mm (11")
    135mm (5⅓")
    90mm (3½")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    The Serpent Armillary, this is an armillary that certainly belongs in a garden or terrace of discernable quality. It is the biggest and heaviest armillary that we have ever created, and is quite awe inspiring to see.

    It features the neck and head of a serpent about to strike its prey, which curves at the top of the armillary, whilst the arrow which passes through the middle of the armillary has a very finely detailed head and flight. Ornate decoration and classic roman numerals complete the design.

    Price is for Armillary Sundial only! Click here to purchase your armillary sundial column.

    Normal Price: £239.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 191.99 £191.99

    Product Code: HS080/B/L
    Dimensions & Specification
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  6. Product Information

    Featuring Roman numerals cast along its edges, this sundial is a perfect example of classic design meets modern fun. This sundial has been crafted in the shape of sunflower with a wild bird gnomon which grants it a lovely touch of nature and the outdoors. Finished in a polished brass, this sundial would look simply stunning in the sunlight.

    Click here to purchase your sundial column.

    Normal Price: £29.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 23.99 £23.99

    2 remaining available

    Product Code: HS004/PBL/0200
    Dimensions & Specification
    200mm (7⅞")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  7. Product Information

    Normal Price: £188.00

    January Sale (ending soon!): 150.4 £150.40

    Product Code: HS026/A/L
    Dimensions & Specification
    440mm (17")
    410mm (16")
    132mm (5.1")
    622mm (24.5")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  8. Product Information

    Normal Price: £120.00

    January Sale (ending soon!): 96 £96.00

    Product Code: HS026/A/M
    Dimensions & Specification
    245mm (10")
    235mm (9")
    130mm (5.1")
    406mm (16")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  9. Product Information

    A circular solid brass Sunburst Sundial depicting a "sun face" with numerals in Roman characters.
    Finished in polished brass with a protective lacquer coating.

    Price is for sundial only! Click here to purchase your sundial column.

    Normal Price: £35.99

    January Sale (ending soon!): 28.79 £28.79

    Product Code: HS002/PBL
    Dimensions & Specification
    200mm (7⅞")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  10. Product Information

    Beautifully decorative this garden sundial is charmingly unique in shape. The sundial has been hand made in brass and takes inspiration from the Frog Prince tale. The regal looking frog decoration has a delightfully antique bronze finish and features a brass sundial at the centre. 
    An enchanting addition to your garden or grounds the Frog Prince sun clock also looks just perfect placed a plinth or pedestal. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    200mm x 175mm approx
    Weight: 1.04kg approx

    Normal Price: £40.00

    January Sale (ending soon!): 32 £32.00

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: HS013/A
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