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Through expert craftsmanship and creative flair, this superb collection of unusual wall decorations offers something unique for all style tastes and personal preferences. Simply bursting with texture and colour, these pieces often feature authentically designed three-dimensional embellishments to add that real burst of charm. Each piece of wall art has been created by hand using light, fabricated sheet steel, steel rod, recycled metals and other high-quality materials. After we are happy with the shape and design, they are then hand-painted in a carefully selected range of colours. From nature to automobile inspired pieces to abstract art, the diverse range of inspirations seen throughout this collection ensures that each piece of wall art is both a unique and beautiful addition to any wall space. Many of our wall art pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement. Please see individual product descriptions to find out more

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  1. Product Information

    This charming wall art features a school of metallic fish as they swim through the sea. Crafted from a mix of high-quality steel, brass, and copper, this stunning wall decoration has been adorned with a selection of different fish, all finished in a natural metallic tone. The ideal way to add personality to any space, this wall decoration will invite an instant sense of the ocean to any interior setting for many years to come. Simply place within a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room to add character to your space throughout all seasons!

    Normal Price: £52.00

    September Sale: 46.8 £46.80

    Product Code: UKAL624
    Dimensions & Specification
    370mm (14.6")
    980mm (38.6")
    40mm (1.6")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    The ideal piece for any yachting enthusiast out there, this charming wall decoration features the image of a sailing boat as it makes its way across the ocean. Crafted from thick steel and finished in a rustic copper effect, this design also features a tiny red flag adorning its central mast and a yellow buoy bobbing about in the water. Specifically designed for wall mounting, this design would look perfect fitted to any brick or painted wall space. The ideal way to add a touch of seaside charm to any interior space for many years to come!

    Normal Price: £73.00

    September Sale: 65.7 £65.70

    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: UKAL466
    Made/prepared to order approximately 5-10 working days
    Dimensions & Specification
    699mm (27.5")
    762mm (30")
    76mm (3")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    Perfect for those who love the festive season, this metal sign would make a great addition to your home. 

    Normal Price: £16.00

    September Sale: 14.4 £14.40

    Product Code: UKOM996
    Made/prepared to order approximately 10-15 working days
    Dimensions & Specification
    300mm (11.8")
    400mm (15.7")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    A lovely way to add a pop of colour and natural charm to any interior setting, this unique wall art features a bunch of intertwined poppy stems. Crafted from high-quality steel and finished in an array of authentic colours including bold red and black, this wall decoration would look lovely placed within any lounge, dining room, or office setting. The perfect way to add character to your space whilst paying homage to those who fought in the war.


    Product Code: UKAL367
    Dimensions & Specification
    375mm (14.8")
    654mm (25.7")
    38mm (1.5")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    Crafted from thick steel and finished in an array of muted metal tones such as bronze and steel, this stunning wall art features a fleet of boats as they sail though the ocean. Each boat features a number of sails which have been carefully embossed with delicate floral and leaf patterns. The ideal way to add a touch of seaside charm to any interior setting, this wall decoration would look lovely placed within a bedroom, bathroom, or lounge setting. A must-have for those yachting enthusiasts out there who are looking to add a feel of the deep blue to their homes!


    Product Code: UKAL398
    Dimensions & Specification
    600mm (23.6")
    980mm (38.6")
    30mm (1.1")
    *All dimensions and weights are approximate.
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5 Item(s)

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