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Wedding Fair

  • Wedded Bliss
    Wedded Bliss
    Your wedding day, easily the most wonderful day you will ever have, one worthy of all the effort, time & love that you can put into it. Our selection of unrivalled accessories can help you achieve just that.
  • A Day to Remember
    A Day to Remember
    In these sections you will find items to decorate your church or reception, and simply stunning, affordable, tableware items, that will help to make your big day truly magical.

Why not let us help to create the perfect Wedding setting with romantic and elegant essentials that will make the difference between warm memories of a magical, surreal and visual experience, or a day which slips easily into the mists of time to be seen and then forgotten.

This section features our exciting collection of decorations, some that you may be familiar with, and others that you may never have imagined would make such delightful additions to your special day.

For further advice and inspiration please see our Customer Feedback.

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  1. "The Sweet Life" Candy Scoop

    Normal Price: £14.99

    January Sale: £11.99

    Part Number: FR162

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Width: 70mm
    Depth: 30mm
    Length: 240mm
    Weight: 140g

    An elegant way to enjoy your favourite sweet treats, this candy scoop is a perfectly stylish addition to any occasion. Let your guests help themselves to a classic pick and mix bar to really ensure your big day or celebration is the sweetest yet. The sweet scoop has a planished silver finish while the handle has been adorned with stunning red and crystal beads.

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    in stock
  2. Silver Candle stand

    Normal Price: £40.99

    January Sale: £32.79

    Part Number: LF1071

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 762mm (30")
    Width: 383mm (15")
    Weight: 3.6kg

    A beautiful, striking, candle stand. It contains 5 candle holders, each extending from a traditionally scrolled arm.

    It is a very pretty and versatile design that lends itself perfectly to a table centerpiece, or simply place on a deep mantle piece, or fire place, the choice is yours.

    Finished in a contemporary matt Silver. 

    Click & Collect Here
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    in stock
  3. "Lady Clemence" Rose Arch with Ball Finial

    Normal Price: £299.99

    January Sale: £284.99

    Part Number: UKDI001

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 2743mm (108")
    Width: 1283mm (50½")
    Internal Width: 880mm (34⅔")
    Depth: 711mm (28")
    Internal height: 2320mm (91⅓")
    Weight: 30kg

    A very pretty and substantial rose arch, with lots of elegant styling, including two basket weave finials on the top corners. Finished in antique cream, it has lovely deep sides and would be perfect used as an entrance onto a lawn or patio.

    The arch is of tubular steel construction with a hollow box section. Stakes are supplied to secure it to the ground. 

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    in stock
  4. "Letters of Love" Wedding camden post box in white

    Normal Price: £245.99

    January Sale: £233.69

    Part Number: UKDI023/WHT

    Made to Order - 1-2 Week lead time
    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 1.02m (40")
    Width: 355mm (14")
    Depth: 355mm (14")
    Aperture width: 256mm (10")
    Aperture height: 33mm (1¼")
    Weight 9.6Kg

    This beautiful post box has been made from cast aluminium and finished in a romantic, antique white. 
    Boundless in its charm this piece offers a wonderfully unique way for loved ones to share their memories of your big day, and wishes for the future.
    The letter box has been adorned with elegant gold lettering.
    Tokens and letters from friends and family are easily retrieved through the locked hatch at the front.
    The design also features a regal finial adding a touch of glamour to an unforgettable day. 

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  5. “Isabella” Hanging Basket

    Normal Price: £29.99

    January Sale: £23.99

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: PN008476

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Total Height: 660.4mm (26’’)
    Diameter: 310mm (12’’)
    Weight: 2.7kg

    Beautiful hanging basket for inside the home, perfect for conservatories, garden rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens.

    Hand made and styled in fine grade steel, it has then been painted in a rich matt cream finish.

    Each delightful heart is hung with a blue hand made glass bead.

    Click & Collect Here
    Click & Collect Here
    in stock
  6. ’Robin’ Table Accessories


    Part Number: Robin' Table Accessories

    Available in Polished Brass and Bright chrome.

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 75mm 
    Width: 100mm
    Weight: 207g

    Height: 63mm
    Width: 100mm 
    Weight: 285g

  7. Fontaine Candle Holder in Tree of Life design


    Part Number: HS639/BKP

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 1.8m (6ft)
    Width: 610mm (21")
    Weight: 11kg

    This beautiful candle holder has been designed to resemble a topiary tree with branches which end in a candle holder, whilst its round design signifies the earth and the circle of life.

    It has been hand wrought in heavy grade Iron, and finished with a quality black powder coating. It has six candle holder s, complete with spikes to enable the candles to be secured safely on the tree.

    It has a long stem, which ends in four sturdy feet. This candle holder can be used outdoors for barbecues and garden parties, on patios or lawns.

    This “circle of life” candle holder can also be decorated with flowers and foliage and makes the perfect wedding decoration, for entrances etc. Also ideal for church altars and fonts. Can also be used for shop fronts and window displays, using artificial, battery powered candles.

  8. "Chesterton" Bird cage and stand


    Call For Price

    Part Number: HS166/CRM

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 1600mm
    Width: 600mm
    Cage Height: 700mm
    Weight: 10.44kg

    This lovely and very unusual, wrought iron “Bird Cage” hangs inside its own stand and is perfect for a little bird. Fitted with a small candle or plant, it makes an eye-catching ornament for anywhere that needs some visual interest.

    Hand made in wrought Iron, it has been finished in French cream, and is a gorgeous example of “Shabby Chic”.

  9. Bellafosse Candle Tree Floor or Table Top Design


    Part Number: LF700

    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large


    Height: 560mm (22")
    Top width: 405mm (16")
    Base width: 280mm (11")
    Weight: 2.2kg
    Number of candle Holders: 5

    This delightful candle tree can be floor standing, or suitable for a beautiful dining table decoration, this impressive piece, will take pride of place. Surprise and delight your dinner guests at home or for weddings and celebrations and use as a stunning centre piece, draped with real ivy or trailing vines. 

    The “top” of the tree is hung with 12 hanging loops, each one supporting a crazed glass tea light holder. The stem is woven with a strands of leafed “ivy” in wrought iron with the base, fanning out like the roots of a tree. When the tea lights are lit, it becomes quite magical and is quite captivating and atmospheric.

    All of the wrought iron decorative work, has been finished in a dark antique bronze finish. Measuring up to 41" in height.

  10. Rapunzel Tower Top Gazebo

    Normal Price: £1,499.99

    January Sale: £1,199.99

    Part Number: HS721

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 3.355m (11")
    Diameter: 2.130m (7")
    Weight: 130kg

    An unusual, four panel gazebo, hand built in a” tower top” design using high grade steel.

    Four ornate panels and four entrance apertures are perfect for decorating with ivy, trailing vines and interwoven flowers.

    Constructed from solid wrought iron, no hollow tubes, that has been treated with a mixture of paint and lacquer to ensure a long lasting weather resistant finish.

    Shown here in our renowned black finish, this delightful tower top design, can be repainted in any colour appropriate to you wedding, or celebration, using a recommended metal paint. Equally it looks beautifully period, when left in black to weather down.

    These classic garden structures can totally transform and lift any wedding or celebration venue, supplying you with photographs that will wow friends and family for years to come.

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