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Wedding Gazebos & Arches

There are countless ways to embellish these gorgeous gazebos and arches making them absolutely perfect for weddings. They would look simply enchanting dressed with intertwining florals, fresh foliage, ambient lights or beautiful ribbons. Completely transforming your setting they will captivate your guests providing a real wow factor. 

We are not alone in our thinking, as you will note from the photograph, one of our eloquently designed pieces took centre stage at Newcastle United and England striker Michael Owen’s marriage to Louise Bonsall back in June 2005.

These are extremely strong, weather resistant, long lasting, durable items. Their construction takes time, patience and tremendous skill. Each item is a beautifully designed and selected piece of garden art to include in your garden design and construction.

For advice and inspiration please see the following links:

Wedding Accessories Inspiration.

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  1. Product Information

    This beautiful Gazebo and swing seat combination is not only a delight to use, it looks just fabulous for a wedding setting, or for your bridal photography. 

    It is the perfect gift, to remind you always of your perfect and “Special day”.

    It weighs in at over half a ton of beautiful, lacy iron work, hand painted in gentle, palest, cream, whilst the soft woven single seat, is created from the art of “Macramé”.

    Macramé is the art of weaving and knotting, thread and yarn.. We have chosen to use Cotton Cable Cord for our woven hanging seat as it is strong, yet soft to the touch for comfortable seating. The piece also has extra jute reinforcements , which not only adds extra strength, but also a nice contrast to the cotton cord.

    This is an altogether captivating combination, that will create a real wow at your celebration, and will give years of beautiful service.

    Normal Price: £1,750.00

    Last Minute December Deal: £1,487.50

    Product Code: kate gazebo combo - wedding

    Alternative finishes available please call for more information.

    Dimensions & Specification
    3.355m (11’)
    1.830m (6’)
    All sizing including bespoke requests are approximates only.
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  2. Product Information

    An unusual, four-panel gazebo, hand built in a” tower top” design using high-grade Steel and finished in cream. 

    Four ornate panels and four entrance apertures are perfect for decoration with Ivy, trailing vines and interwoven flowers.

    Constructed from solid wrought iron, no hollow tubes, that has been treated with a mixture of paint and lacquer to ensure a long-lasting weather resistant finish.

    Shown here in our renowned black finish, this delightful tower top gazebo can be repainted in any colour appropriate to your wedding, or celebration, using a recommended metal paint. Equally, it looks beautifully “period”, when left in black to “weather” down.

    These classic garden structures can totally transform and lift any wedding or celebration venue, supplying you with photographs that will wow friends and family for years to come.

    For help with setting up this pavilion please view our erection guide here

    Normal Price: £1,499.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £1,274.99

    Product Code: HS721/CRM

    Please call to discuss the best possible lead time. Alternative finishes also available upon request.

    Dimensions & Specification
    3.355m (11")
    2.130m (7")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    This wonderful, spacious gazebo, has all the detailing and workmanship as in our other fabulous creations, but without the extra weight.

    The design has great impact and presence, but has been created for easy assembly, with the additional option, of ease of movement around your garden or grounds, for mowing lawns, garden parties etc, in fact for any occasion where you may want the versatility of moving your structure. The structure can be easily dressed in voiles, netting, or exotic fabrics for parties or wedding celebrations.

    Created in strong, tubular iron, that has been finished in our renowned French cream finish, although as with all of our splendid ironwork, it can be repainted in any colour you wish using a recommended metal paint.

    Shown here beautifully dressed in beautiful white ribbon, not supplied.

    We now also do a deluxe version, that has been hot dip galvanised, the best treatment for rust prevention.

    Normal Price: £479.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £407.99

    Product Code: HS706

    Please call to discuss the best possible lead time.

    Dimensions & Specification
    2.9m (115")
    3.3m (119")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    This fabulous Acropolis pavilion, has all the wonderful detailing, you would expect to see in a lace top creation such as this, but we have chosen to further enhance the styling with a stunning “iced Sage” painted finish.

    The gazebo is all hand made in rust free, heavy, high grade, cast aluminium, which allows for beautifully ornate and finely detailed styling. The lacework, dome top, has been created by hand in glorious hand wrought iron.

    Five ornate seating benches have been fitted within the surround, with the sixth left open for entering inside. Each ornate base leg carries a considerable amount of lovely, floral embossing, which is repeated on the twist columns that support the dome.

    Normal Price: £9,499.00

    Last Minute December Deal: £8,074.15

    Product Code: HS725

    Please call to discuss the best possible lead time. Alternative finishes also available upon request.

    Dimensions & Specification
    4520mm (178")
    3130mm (123¼")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    This Stunning “Lacework” pavilon is the largest and finest in our growing collection. Standing at a magnificent 15ft Tall in her central dome, with a weight exceeding 1 ton of wrought iron, the Royal Alexandria is an absolutely bewitching design. This fabulous confection, of mainly solid rod and heavy gauge materials, “Scroll and Leaf” construction, takes at least three Blacksmiths over three weeks to create, with each and every minute detail lovingly fitted into place by hand. 

    The Royal Alexandria is a massive three and a half meters square and when she is dressed with “Uplighters” she is a breathtaking example of “Art in Ironwork”. Resplendent by day and dazzling by night, her sheer size means she is not for the feint hearted.

    To admire her at her most regal, we would advise that she is mounted on her own prepared base and in well appointed grounds. The “Royal Alexandria" has four facades each with an entrance, and a large central dome extending upwards in her centre.  The luxury version also available in this section is supplied with doors.  She is a work of art few can afford, but for those that fall under her spell, she will leave a lasting impression of unrivalled splendour. 

    The Royal Alexandria is a proud and magnificent focal point, in any setting, however if you feel that you would like to have her finished in any colour that is personal to you and your surroundings, then we will do our very best to select the colour that is to your preferred choice and she will be finished in this basecoat by hand in our workshop. Please allow for up to two months delivery time on special colour requests. 

    The Alexandria Gazebo was featured on Alan Titchmarshes' - "Love Your Garden" in September 2011. 

    Supplied in base coat paint work at the price shown, should you want any colour as a top coat, please speak to us directly to obtain a quotation.

    Maintenance and care advice

    Normal Price: £12,900.00

    Last Minute December Deal: £10,250.00

    Product Code: HS708

    Please call to discuss the best possible lead time. Alternative finishes also available upon request.

    Dimensions & Specification
    7.3ft (87.8")
    3.5m squared
    8ft (86")
    3.4ft (41.7")
    1.5ft (18.5")
    Exceeding 1 ton
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  6. Product Information

    As first pictured in "Hello" magazine and purchased for the wedding of Michael Owen in June 2005, our simply stunning “Arundel” Victoriana Iron Scroll Garden Gazebo is a breathtaking addition to your garden or terrace, or grounds.

    Manufactured from solid steel and finished in satin black base coat, our "Lady Arundel" gazebo weighs over a staggering 200 kilos.  By special request it is now available in French Cream and other custom finishes, perfect for that special day.  Additional information available upon request, all sizes due to the nature of the gazebo are approximates. 

    Normal Price: £1,500.00

    Last Minute December Deal: £1,275.00

    Product Code: HS704

    Please call to discuss the best possible lead time. Alternative finishes also available upon request.

    Dimensions & Specification
    3.355m (132")
    1.830m (72")
    All sizing including bespoke requests are approximates only.
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  7. Product Information

    This fabulous piece of garden furniture is a real eye catcher and perfect for a secluded corner or placed across a pathway or garden entrance.

    Hand made in wrought iron, it features two wonderful seats at the base of each side, amidst a riot of scroll work and pretty detail, where you can sit and chat, whilst enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Hand painted in pale “romantic blue” shabby chic, it is perfect for growing roses or clematis up and over and would look incredible overflowing with flowers and foliage.

    Equally this love seat can be simply painted in any recommended outdoor metal paint and left undressed for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the fine Ironwork will last.

    Normal Price: £529.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £450.49

    Product Code: GB041.
    Dimensions & Specification
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  8. Product Information

    Created by hand from wrought iron, this rose arch is beautifully elegant finished in our warm cream finish. The design is overflowing with detailed scroll work and, a pretty final flourish that is the arrow finial. This piece comes in two halves and is bolted together at the top, it is crafted from solid rods.

    There are no additional bolts meaning this item is completely welded, making it incredibly robust. This enchanting outdoor feature also has two side panels with further intricate scroll detailing. A simply charming addition with the means to make any part or pathway of your garden rather special indeed.


    Product Code: GB102
    Dimensions & Specification
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  9. Product Information

    This wonderfully intricate rose arch has been created in hand wrought iron, with scroll circle detailing.

    Perfect for pathways and entrances. Lovely for growing your favourite climbing plants and foliage.

    Can be painted in the colour of your choice using a recommended metal paint.

    Colour shown is an antique pale green.


    Product Code: GB101
    Dimensions & Specification
    2200mm (86⅔")
    1140mm (44⅞")
    940mm (37")
    230mm (9")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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