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Heron & Crane Sculptures

Some of the world’s most elegant and graceful bird species, the majestic heron and crane can both often be found fishing in rivers with their long, pointed beaks and soaring through the skies with their incredible wingspan. For those bird lovers out there seeking something a little bit different, our range of heron and crane sculptures are the ideal way to invite nature into any outdoor or garden space.

Each crafted and hand-painted from a selection of quality materials including steel, cast iron and resin, these sculptures would look ideal beside ponds, in amongst grassy areas or positioned as the central piece within a water feature.

Please note that, when placed outdoors, yearly maintenance will be required to preserve the quality of the metal materials.

For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

General Care & Maintenance

Garden Sculpture Care & Maintenance

Sculptures & Ornaments Inspiration 

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