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Every post is produced from cast iron as they were originally and using high grade heavy duty steel tube. All the detailed parts like connection block and ladders bars are also cast iron. The bases are provided with four fixing or bolting points, these are ideal if you already have a slab of concrete to fix too, failing that and offered as an alternative we do offer a steel root, if you wish to concrete your chosen size in. Our lamp posts aren’t to be confused with other copies or other alternatives, ours are firstly are the only ones to include a Guarantee for life, its simply because once purchased they are never going to breakdown or collapse, if installed well, they really will provide a lifetimes pleasure and good service. We always ask you to obtain professional help before installation or at worst advice from a professional builder.

Finally each piece is powder coated in black, after its been primed and under-coated. Annual maintenance isn’t necessary, but is advised to keep them looking beautiful.

For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

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