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Royal Colonial Opulence Collection

The hand worked lanterns contain hand crafted glass, which feature all the original elements of their ancestors, although we have added galvanised steel, internal hoods & reflector plates. All hand cast and hand wrought, our Royal Colonial Opulence collection is heavily adorned, reflecting a little of the history of the place for which they were originally designed.

The large heavy base has no less than eight facades, the four larger ones depicting a royal lions head. Above these are four coiled serpents. Heavily scrolled arms support the hexagonal, crowned lanterns, which are finished with additional castle top crowns. The result is a beautiful piece of iron artwork that has both historical and cultural significance. 

We do not treat these lamp posts with any chemicals or coatings prior to sale, therefore they will arrive with you in their raw, rustic state and will require more professional time to wire and install. Sometimes, they may have superficial, crusting, which happens during storage.

The beauty of this is that it allows you to create your own finish, whether that be totally original and rustic, or wire brushed and freshly painted. As with all natural, pure, iron, there will always be some maintenance over the years, depending on the look you want. 

The Small and Medium versions each have two lamp tops with an ornate centre finial as shown. The large version, has no less than five, fabulous, hexagonal Lanterns, with the fifth being situated in the centre. 

For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

Lamp Post Installation & General Lighting Maintenance

Lamp Post & Lantern Inspiration

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  1. Product Information

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 3550mm (140")
    Width: 1010mm (40")
    Depth: 1010mm (40")


    Only 1 remaining available

    Product Code: BOT - Royal Colonial Opulence Lady Lamp Post
  2. Product Information

    Absolutely beautiful detail, and finished in rustic antique iron but available in other finishes by special request.

    For delivery charges, call us on 01691 610952.

    Normal Price: £3,599.99

    January Sale (while stocks last): £1,825.99

    2 remaining available

    Product Code: LF1024/L
    Dimensions & Specification
    Over 200kgs
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  3. Product Information

    This is the stunning five arm pentagon version, on a large lamp post. Absolutely beautiful detail and finished in rustic antique iron.

    Available in other finishes too, upon special request.

    For delivery charges, call us on 01691 610952.

    Normal Price: £5,999.00

    January Sale (while stocks last): £5,399.10

    Product Code: LF1023
    Dimensions & Specification
    3050mm (120")
    1400mm (55⅛")
    650mm (25½")
    559mm (22")
    Over 260kgs (over ¼ Ton)
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    A duet of lanterns have been mounted on to this elegant two arm version, on a small rustic iron post.

    If you would prefer your lamp post finished in a different colour or finish, we can do this. For delivery charges, call us on 01691 610952.

    Normal Price: £2,299.99

    January Sale (while stocks last): £1,139.98

    Product Code: LF1024/S
    Dimensions & Specification
    Over 100kgs
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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4 Item(s)

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