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Conservatory Finials

Our roof finials are all cast from solid aluminium, they are suitable for use as conservatory finials, ridge finials, greenhouse finials, summer house and shed roof finials, porch finials and any other building with a ridge. We offer our finials in white powder coated or a raw finish ready for any special colour or finish anyone would wish to apply.

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  1. Product Information

    Solid Aluminium Ball Finial, hand cast complete with 10mm threaded studding with nut and washer for easy fixing. Available in polished or white finishes.

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 185mm (7¼")
    Ball diameter: 88mm (3½")
    Base height: 107mm (4¼")
    Base max dia: 57mm (2¼") 
    Weight: 1.160kg

    Normal Price: £51.83

    Last Minute December Deal: £41.46

    Product Code: CP999/PA
  2. Product Information

    Conservatory Finial with Decorative Base, cast in solid aluminium, available in either a polished or white powder coat finish.
    This finial is always used with our CP509 Aluminium Barnes Fleur de Lys Cresting and is screw fix.

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 260mm (10¼")
    Width: 125mm (4⅞")
    Depth: 50mm (2") 
    Weight: 560g

    Normal Price: £55.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £44.79

    Product Code: CP201
  3. Product Information

    Period arrow headed orb finial, perfect for the gable end of any period porch or structure, whether it be: 

    Clock towers
    Fly Towers
    or Bell towers

    Its just down to your imagination.

    Produced from steel galvanised sheet with a cast iron ornamental iron arrow, Can be finished in Black, white, cream, bronze, or any other colour you’d like to specify ( Other colours are to be quoted.)

    Supplied with a length of threaded allthread, for easy fitting.

    3 Month Lead Time 

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 485mm (19’’)
    Ball Diameter: 165mm (6½’’)
    Width: 80mm (3’’)
    Weight: 1.3kg

    Normal Price: £124.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £99.99

    Product Code: HS704/ORB
    Dimensions & Specification
    485mm (19’’)
    80mm (3’’)
    165mm (6½’’)
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  4. Product Information

    A solid aluminium statement is our Berkley Streamline Finial, will add the finishing touch to any conservatory, sun house, sun room, greenhouse or humble shed.
    Availabe in either a polished aluminium or white powder coat finish. Supplied with a 8mm threaded stud fixing.

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 381mm (15")
    Max dia: 77mm (3")
    Base dia: 50mm (2")
    Weight: 1.590kg

    Normal Price: £59.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £47.99

    Product Code: CP209 - A
    Dimensions & Specification
    381mm (15")
    50mm (2")
    77mm (3")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  5. Product Information

    A large hollow cast aluminium Orb Finial with square base. Suitable for conservatories, sunhouse or any structure that just needs a finishing touch!

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 160mm (6¼")
    Diameter: 120mm (4¾")
    Base: 70mm (2¾")squared
    Weight: 1.5kg

    Fixing Thoughts
    This Finial is supplied with a removeable bolt, It can be removed if needed and a longer bolt can be used.

    Normal Price: £56.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £45.59

    Product Code: CP204
    Dimensions & Specification
    160mm (6¼")
    120mm (4¾")
    70mm (2¾")squared
    *All dimensions are approximate.
  6. Product Information

    A hand cast solid aluminium Fleur De Lys Finial, available in polished aluminium or white powder coating. Easily fixed and matches our Fleur de lys crestings. Choice of colour finishes.

    Normal Price: £58.99

    Last Minute December Deal: £47.19

    Product Code: CP202
    Dimensions & Specification
    • Small
    • Large
    250mm (10")
    80mm (3⅛")
    25mm (1")
    365mm (14⅓")
    120mm (4¾")
    70mm (2¾")
    *All dimensions are approximate.
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6 Item(s)

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