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Coal Buckets and Scuttles

  • Fireplace Fuel Stores
    Fireplace Fuel Stores
    A beautifully crafted coal scuttle lends a sense of sophistication to your fireside & is a perfectly functional storage solution.
  • Warmest of Welcomes
    Warmest of Welcomes
    Our spectacular range of coal buckets and scuttles have been specifically designed to complement your existing décor, whether you’re looking for classical character or contemporary charm we have just the thing for your hearth.
  • Fireside Essentials
    Fireside Essentials
    They are available in a variety of finishes including traditional mellow brass, abundant in antique charm, as well as bright chrome, an ideal alternative for those looking for a touch of modernity.

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  1. Coven Antique Bronze Finish Coal Scuttle with Shovel

    Normal Price: £89.99

    Black Friday: £71.99

    Part Number: FG1086

    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Bucket
    • Shovel


    Height: 340mm (13.5")
    Total weight: 3.02kg

    Delightful hand shaped and beaten Coven Antique Bronze Finish Cast Iron Coal Scuttle with Shovel. This large sized coal bucket has a built-in holster to hold a cast iron and hard wood handled coal shovel. This is our premier coal scuttle, and with the shovel included is a real bargain.

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    in stock
  2. "Highham Square" Antique styled coal scuttle or bucket


    Part Number: FG1199/DLX/A

    Beautifully made in solid brass with an interesting antique finish, this vintage styled coal bucket or scuttle can be used for coal or wood, and is a really eye catching item for the fireplace. It has very pretty filigree detailing around the ornate handle brackets, and stands on its own integral pedestal base.

    Dimensions (approx)
    Bucket height: 483mm (19")
    Handle height: 178mm (7")
    Width: 241mm (9½")
    Depth: 292mm (11½")
    Weight: 3.35kg

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    in stock
  3. "Mckinley Lodge" Angled Stainless Log and Coal Hod

    Normal Price: £44.99

    Black Friday: £35.99

    Part Number: FG1184

    A truly stylish and contemporary creation of hand polished steel. This coal hod is simple and elegant, the main detail being the hand riveted fluting around the main body. 

    Steel is incredibly durable and you can be certain that this hod will give years of good service. 
    The fire side coal holder also features a wonderful hand stitched suede handle. This is an effortlessly chic way to update your existing fire place, as well as being the ideal contemporary edition to a recent renovation. 

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 420mm (16.5")
    Diameter: 225mm (8.9")

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    in stock
  4. “Colnbrook Manor” Antique Brass Coal Bucket


    Part Number: FG1202/A

    Classically beautiful this coal bucket is wonderfully traditional in design. 
    The coal scuttle has been hand crafted from brass and has an enchanting antique bronze finish. 
    With an integral drop handle the Colnbrook Manor coal bucket is an easy and stylish addition to your fireside. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 370mm (14.6")
    Width: 370mm (14.6")
    Depth: 350mm (13.8")
    Weight: 2Kg

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    in stock
  5. “Cynbel Kiln” Celtic Log & Coal Holder

    Normal Price: £49.99

    Black Friday: £39.99

    Part Number: FG1220

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 290mm (11.4")
    Width: 320mm (12.6")
    Depth: 520mm (20.5")
    Weight: 3.7kg

    Classical and elegant in design this delightful coal store and log holder is a wonderfully traditional addition to your fireplace. The coal bucket has been created from iron and has a sleek midnight black finish. Adorned with a central, Celtic inspired emblem this log store is beautifully simple in detail. Fill with kindling, coal or logs to keep you fire stoked and crackling all winter long.

    Click & Collect Here
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    in stock
  6. Modern Minimalistic Coal Hod-Black

    Normal Price: £32.99

    Black Friday: £26.39

    Only 1 remaining available

    Part Number: UKMN152

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 260mm (10.2")
    Diameter: 210mm (8.3")
    Weight: 1.1kg

    The elegant simplicity of this coal hod lends itself beautifully to more modern fireplaces.

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    in stock
  7. Blenheim Coal Bucket


    Part Number: FG1026

    Dimensions (Approx)
    • Small
    • Meduim
    • Large


    Height 356mm (14")
    Width: 190mm (7½")
    Weight: 1.24kg

    This smart, solid, polished brass Blenheim design is finished in an eye catching “hammered” effect finish. This “helmet” shaped scuttle has a discreet brass riveted loop handle, and is hand finished with an oven fired black satin interior. Well made and constructed from the very best grade brass, we are confident, it will give many years of service.

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    in stock
  8. “Royal Avon Canal” Narrowboat hand painted coal scuttle

    Normal Price: £55.00

    Black Friday: £44.00

    Part Number: MC1047

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: (scuttle) 362mm (14¼")
    Total Height: 514mm (20¼")
    Width: 298mm (11¾")
    Base Width: 229mm (9")
    Depth: 406mm (16")
    Base Depth: 279mm (11")
    Weight: 3.25kg

    This charming coal scuttle is incredibly robust and solid. This is further confirmed by the weight of the classical item.
    The scuttle has been beautifully hand painted in an authentic narrow boat style including an elegant bouquet of flowers.
    For ease of carrying, the coal bucket features an ergonomically designed handle that is wonderfully tactile.
    The coal scuttle has a scooped edge and side handle to aid filling, and help ensure you have all the coal you need to keep the fire roaring. 

  9. Contessa Bright chrome Coal Bucket


    Part Number: FG1172

    Dimensions (Approximate)
    Height: 300mm (12") (handle down)
    Total Height: 430mm (17") (inc handle)
    Top Diameter: 280mm (11")
    Base Diameter: 240mm (9½")
    Weight: 1.6kg

    Fabulous period design coal scuttle, that has been given a really wonderful, contemporary feel, by adding a chrome finish.

    Hand made in brass and then available in a polished finish or with a high quality chrome plate.

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    in stock
  10. “Alemont House” Classic Coal Bucket


    Part Number: FG1206

    Beautifully simple in design and detail this charmingly classical coal bucket is available in a choice of three sizes. The traditional coal stores have also been finished in delightfully decorative antique pewter, lending further character and style to your fireside. Hand crafted the integral handles have been adorned with fleur de lys embellishments. An enchanting interior feature, the Alemont House coal bucket looks simply perfect placed next to your fire place or inglenook. 


    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 194mm (8”)
    Diameter: 240mm (10")
    Weight: 1.3Kg

    Height: 235mm (9")
    Diameter: 280mm (11")
    Weight: 1.7kgs approx.

    Height: 290mm (11")
    Diameter: 330mm (13")
    Weight: 2.4kgs

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    in stock
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