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Kadai Fire Bowls

Our range of traditional Kadai fire bowls offer a selection of timeless, high quality metalwork pieces for anyone who has a passion for outdoor entertaining. Originating from India, Kadai bowls were historically used to cook fragrant and spicy dishes for whole villages and formed a crucial part of family life and gatherings. These beautiful bowls are genuine Indian Kadai designs and are not reproductions in any way. They are wonderfully aged, with many made from reclaimed and reused iron, making each piece entirely individual and unique.

Because of their authentic nature, every bowl is different in weight and size, and the number of handles and their positioning can vary from the pictures shown. Our bowls are priced due to their weight, and not their size, with all sizes being approximate. We have placed them roughly into three size categories to help you to select the bowl that is right for you, although the style is the same throughout.

Note that all of our burners leave us with a light oil coating and will patina and turn an orange colour with age. This aging process will not affect the integrity and durability of the metal but we do recommend giving your burner a light rub down with oil after each use.

For further advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

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Kadai Bowl History

Kadai Bowl Planter Inspiration 

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  • Normal Price: £329.99

    Special Price: 263.99 £263.99

  • Normal Price: £464.99

    Special Price: 371.99 £371.99

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  • Normal Price: £299.99

    Special Price: 269.99 £269.99

  • Normal Price: £218.99

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  • £149.99

  • Normal Price: £266.99

    Special Price: 213.59 £213.59

  • Normal Price: £341.99

    Special Price: 273.59 £273.59

  • Normal Price: £397.99

    Special Price: 318.39 £318.39

  • Normal Price: £433.99

    Special Price: 347.19 £347.19

  • Normal Price: £551.99

    Special Price: 441.59 £441.59

  • Normal Price: £760.00

    Special Price: 608 £608.00

  • £989.99

  • Normal Price: £1,231.99

    Special Price: 985.59 £985.59

  • £463.00

  • £551.99

  • £218.99

  • £478.99

  • Kadai Fire Bowl Grills

    Normal Price: £95.00

    Special Price: 76 £76.00

  • £750.00

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