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Seat Buffers Accessories

  • Comfortable Functionality
    Comfortable Functionality
    Available in a variety of fixing methods, these toilet seat buffers are ideal for replacements or for new toilet seats and renovation projects.

We can provide a wide range of rubber and nylon toilet seat buffers in a variety of sizes and colours. Our collection of traditionally crafted toilet seat hinges offers the ideal complement to this range and is the perfect way complete the restoration of your toilet seat.


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  • Black nylon nail-in buffers

    Black nylon nail-in buffers

    Part Number: BS103/BKN + BS104/BKN


  • Bar toilet seat hinge

    Bar toilet seat hinge

    Part Number: BS019

    Normal Price: £14.99

    Black Friday: £11.99

  • White Nylon Nail-In Buffers

    White Nylon Nail-In Buffers

    Part Number: BS103/WN + BS104/WN


  • Clear rubber buffers

    Clear rubber buffers

    Part Number: BS101/CR+BS102/CR


  • Tan Rubber Buffers

    Tan Rubber Buffers

    Part Number: BS101/TAN + BS102/TAN


  • £5.99

  • Brown rubber buffers

    Brown rubber buffers

    Part Number: BS101/BRR4+BS102/BRR4


  • Red/Brown rubber buffers

    Red/Brown rubber buffers

    Part Number: BS101/BRR3+BS102/BRR3


  • Dark Red/Brown Rubber Buffers

    Dark Red/Brown Rubber Buffers

    Part Number: BS101/BRR2 + BS102/BRR2


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12 Item(s)

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