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Door Bell Pushes

Over the last decade our collection of doorbell pushes has continued to grow in size and diversity, bringing you the very best of classical and contemporary style. Each doorbell is crafted with you in mind, the doorbell is finished by hand with the utmost attention paid to every detail. Available in a choice of elegant finishes the bell pushes lend an authentic sense of character and charm to any property.

If you would like any further information on the applications we provide for, please call our sales team on 01691 610952.

" Thank you all at BCMW , my Bell Push arrived in perfect time for my decorators deadline, and, I have to say it looks beautiful, I am now deciding which other items to have to match it, as it has made my other fittings look tired and scruffy. Many thanks to all."
Marjorie Richardson


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Are your bell pushes wired?

  • Our bell pushes are supplied pre-drilled and ready to be wired. Each bell push features a push contact at the rear with two terminals for wiring to a chime of your choice.

What are your bell pushes made from?

  • Many of our bell pushes are made from solid brass, with others crafted from copper and feature an integral china push button. Our bell pushes are also available in a wide choice of finishes described within each listing.

How do I install my bell push?

  • Generally speaking, installing your bell push is a relatively straight forward process, though if you are at all concerned we do recommend the advice and services of a qualified trades person. Please note we only provide guidelines for just one installation method.

  • Start by placing the bell push next to your door at the site you wish to install, mark out and ensure you are happy with the placement.

  • A hole will need to be drilled to fit the bell push contact, ready for wiring. For the rear fix door bells you will also need to drill fixing holes for the concealed screws.

  • With the installation site now drilled you can fit the bell push flush to the wall. You may find it easier to thread the wires through and attach to the contact before fixing in to place.

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