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How to ensure my brass porthole stays shiny:

  • Especially in areas of higher atmospheric salt content, a standard protective lacquer may not be sufficient in ensuring a brass port hole is protected. Brass which is free from Iron impurities will not rust however it will dull heavily. We recommend regular coats of Yacht varnish or similar marine grade protective coating applied to ensure the brass retains its polished shine.

How to install a porthole:

We strongly recommend the assistance a trained and qualified trades person for the installation of your portholes. We have outlined the basic steps for those unsure about the process, however if you require further advice please contact a local contactor.

  • Carefully and accurately measure the position and outline of your porthole, ensuring you safely remove a section of wall (or door) no bigger than the porthole frame.

  • With the wall cavity prepared,sanded (or made good with mortar) and drilled you are ready to install your porthole; those replacing existing windows won’t need worry about this step. If attempting to remove a section of the wall without professional assistance please do take care to check for existing wiring, pipes or supporting frames.

  • Place the porthole over the new viewing channel and attach your fixings, ensuring the frame covers the cavity completely and that it fits flush.

  • Clamp the porthole and porthole glass in place before using the screws supplied to secure in place. Once satisfied with the position fix the porthole to the wall.

  • Using caulk or sealants fill the gap between the porthole and wall, both in and outside of the boat. Ensuring the porthole glass is also sealed to the frame.

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