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Door Bells Set up & Guides

Read our butlers bell kit installation instructions below,or alternatively, click here to download them.

Parts Included In Butlers Door Bell Kit:

1x Bell with pre-loaded spring

1x Primary pulley

2x Secondary pulleys

1x Angle bracket for pulley

10m of nylon cord

1x Door bell pull handle

How to install a butler doorbell kit:

A few handy tips before starting make sure you have your installation site marked out, both in and outside of the house. Also be sure to use no more cord than necessary, as the more taught the length of chord the better the bell pull will work and the more vigorously the bell will ring. If you are at all unsure about drilling and fitting you bell pull we highly recommend the assistance of a qualified trades person.

  • The first step is to screw the pull handle and two pieces of rod together.

  • Once secured at the two joins the complete rod will need to be threaded through the two wall brackets.

  • With the pull handle threaded through both brackets you will need to attach the end cap nut.

  • Position the assembled pull handle where you intend to install the doorbell, on the outside of your wall. It is important at this stage to make sure the proposed drill sites, in particular that which will house the pull cord, remain free from obstructions both within the wall and the inside of the house.

  • Once the bell pull handle has been fixed in position, unscrew the end cap nut. Thread the pull cord through tying a knot to anchor the cord from within.

  • With the cord secured reattach the end cap. Now you will need to thread the cord over the bracket pulley. Using either a thin crochet hook or similar continue to pull the cord through the wall in to the house.

  • Thread the cord through the primary pulley; the part with the circular back plate, this pulley is designed to cover the drill hole leading from the outside of the house.

  • Fix the pulley to the wall parallel to the cord already attached to the bell pull. The primary pulley head also rotates in to a position that should aid you in the continued threading of the cord towards the next pulley and the bell itself.

  • Should you need to navigate a corner while installing the butlers bell, the pulley with an angled bracket can be attached to ensure the continuation and obstruction of the nylon cord.

  • Place the bell on the wall, take care to ensure the distance is far enough away from the last pulley so that the cord remains taught but not stretched. When happy with the position fix the bell in place.

  • When attaching the cord to the sprung bell you must make sure that the nylon is attached horizontally. If this is not done there won’t be enough tension within the cord to ring the bell.



If once installed your bell has a poor sound please check the following:

  • The nylon cord is not wrapped completely around any of the pulleys.

  • The cord is free from any obstruction and is not too tight between pulleys.

  • There is enough tension between the cord and bell spring.

Maintenance Advice

Iron door furniture requires little or as much care as you feel necessary. It does not corrode in the same way as other metals; it is however prone to cracking if dropped or knocked. Left untreated, it will naturally weather down and gain a further character with age. Should you wish to maintain the colour finish of your design we recommend an annual coat of a metal paint like Hammerite. Prior to this process please ensure the surface is clean, dry and any surface blemishes sanded down or smoothed. Should your property be located in near the coast or in an area of high pollution, similarly if the fitting is exposed to the elements we would recommend a bi-annual coat to keep it looking as good as new.

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