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Door Knocker Installation Guide

Our door knockers have been specifically designed to make the very best first impression! As such, they are all rear fix (unless otherwise stated) to give an elegant finish to your front door. Each piece has been handcrafted from high-quality metal materials and comes complete with all necessary fixings for ease of installation. The below graphic demonstrates how your door knocker should be installed through your door. We recommend ensuring your door is fully protected before installing your door knocker.  Check with your door manufacturer to confirm which materials and installation methods are compatible.  I.e Steel and iron may not be compatible with oak doors as they may react with the tannins. 

Door Knocker Installation Guide

  • In order to install your new door knocker, you will need to mark and drill through your front door. If you’re replacing an existing knocker, ensure the old fixing holes align with the knocker or are covered and replaced.
  • With the installation hole drilled, open the door and place the knocker on the outside.
  • Thread the nylon bolt through and secure the door knocker in place. Then fix internally using the brass nut.
  • For certain designs of door knocker, an additional nylon thread may be included for additional strength. 
  • Please seek advice from your door manufacturer with regards to any adjustments to your door maintenance schedule. Not every door knocker will be suitable for every door. 
  • We recommend periodically checking your knocker for rusting or corrosion and re-applying a protective coating such as paint, varnish or lacquer.   Door knockers used in coastal areas or areas with higher levels of air pollution may require more attention. Non reactive alloys maybe more suitable in coastal areas. 

Installed Door Knocker

If you require any further help installing your door knocker, please get in contact with us. You can view our full collection of door knockers here.

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