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Background Info

The Art of Blacksmithing

Authentically crafted here at Black Country by our onsite blacksmith, our exclusive collection of hand made fireside tools are an unrivalled example of unique quality.

Here we give you a little more insight as to how we do what we do. 

  • Robust lengths of steel and wrought iron are heated to soaring temperatures within the flaming coals of the forge. 
  • The now more pliable metal can be hammered at the anvil, artfully turned by hand and expertly shaped to achieve the beauty of our companion sets. 
  • Welded nuts and metal components help to form some of the most integral parts of our fireplace tools, from handles to decoration.

The complex art of metal craft is one of imense skill; you can rest assured that your new companion set is the oroduct of loving care and artistic flare.