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Frequently Asked Questions: Shelf Brackets

Are the brackets load bearing?

All of our shelf brackets are subject to rigorous testing however, as each casting is individual and unique, no two brackets are identical. With this in mind, we are unable to advise as to the exact amount of weight a bracket can support.

Can the brackets be ordered in a different finish?

Our on-site workshop can offer a variety of colour finishes designed specifically for metal work. To discuss options and prices please contact the sales team directly.

Shelf Bracket Finishes

Are the brackets sold as pairs?

Our brackets are priced and sold individually, allowing you to purchase exact quantities.

How far apart should brackets be spaced?

When using two brackets to support a shelf, we recommend leaving an equal distance from either end of the shelf to ensure that balance is achieved. This is, of course, subject to personal preference and how big the shelf in question will be.

Shelf Bracket Spacing

Are the brackets pre-drilled?

Yes, the majority of our brackets are pre-drilled with specific fixing points, but additional fixing holes can be created upon request.  Please note, some of our glass shelf brackets will not feature fixing holes on the horizontal arm.

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