Outdoor Furniture Care & Maintenance Guide

Many of our outdoor benches, tables, chair and other furniture pieces have been handcrafted from robust cast iron, aluminium or steel. Most pieces, unless otherwise stated, are finished in a primer only. As with any metal item left outdoors, your outdoor furniture will require regular maintenance if you wish to keep it in ‘like new’ condition. In this handy guide, we have detailed the necessary care and maintenance that should be taken with your outdoor furniture pieces. If you can’t find the details that you’re looking for here, please refer to our General Care & Maintenance Guide.

Outdoor Furniture

By its very make up, iron requires as little or as much care as you feel necessary, depending on the finish that you want to achieve. It does not corrode in the same way as other metals however it is prone to cracking if dropped or if something collides with the furniture. If left untreated, it will naturally weather down and gain an aged patina look over time.

Aluminium has other virtues. Natural, unpainted aluminium requires little or no maintenance as it does not rust. If you have selected a painted finish, this can be maintained as per your personal preference. As aluminium is a lighter metal, it is therefore easier to relocate in and around your chosen space and detail is often clearer and more defined when cast in aluminium.

Much like iron, if left untreated steel will develop a surface rust over time. Many people find this ‘aged’ patina attractive and choose to leave their products untreated however, if you want your metalwork to remain in a ‘like new’ condition, we recommend annual maintenance in the form of a full re-paint using a metal-based paint of your choosing.



Assemble if necessary and paint in a colour of your choosing using a recommended metal paint. All of our outdoor furniture is finished and dispatched in a primer only, unless otherwise stated. To protect against the elements and general use, it is imperative that the piece is painted in full. Should you require any advice as to which type of paint would be best, please contact the sales team.


If hit by heavy downpour prior to painting, a staining known as French Bleed can occur. The effect is a result of the metal being exposed to water or rain and then discolouring, which can easily be remedied. This can happen the first time the piece gets wet but will normally not deteriorate any further. To treat simply remove any surface rust with a gentle sanding and apply a coat of recommended paint.
Given the traditional manufacturing, processing and hand-forging of each item, it is not possible to warranty against some limited discolouration or oxidisation which does not affect the functional integrity of the piece.


For those living in coastal areas and areas of high pollution, your bench is likely to patina more rapidly. If you wish to counteract this, we recommend painting bi-annually to preserve your chosen colour finish. A spray lacquer or yacht varnish would also be recommended for any exposed metal, fixings or seating without the protection of a colour finish.


If required, after 6 months of enjoying your outdoor furniture, we recommend re-painting to cover any French Bleed, staining, exposed joints or fixings, and to generally maintain the finish. The metalwork should only be re-finished in a recommended metal paint in any colour of your choosing. If you prefer to leave the piece to continue to patina, this is entirely down to personal preference.


After 12 months, we highly recommend repainting unless you wish to leave the finish to patina over time for a more vintage look. This process will need to be repeated annually. Prior to painting any flaking areas, existing paint should be given a light sanding to prepare the surface properly. Please ensure that the paint you are using is metal based. Most good hardware stores will be able to advise further but we recommend Hammerite.


Due to the harsh weather conditions seen throughout the winter months, we highly advise that you consider storing your outdoor furniture inside away from heavy rain, snow and other adverse conditions. If this isn’t possible, protecting your outdoor items with a waterproof cover would be advised.

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